Sigmund Projetc is born, the free hub that promotes the travel of the future

Sigmund Project is a free hub, open to all, for sharing ideas and innovations, created with the aim of promoting interconnectivity and finding new solutions to the challenges facing the travel industry of the future.

Developed by industry expert Alan Elliott Merschen, Sigmund is an online platform, created to foster connection and collaboration between individuals with visions and ideas capable of advancing the tourism industry: from small business owners to large multinationals, from suppliers of housing to the transport sector, from universities to startups.

“Like many others in the industry, I have always tried to connect individuals and companies with potential collaborators – commented Alan Elliott Merschen, founder of Sigmund Project. Sigmund is taking this concept forward on a large scale. As a non-profit company, it is fully funded by grants from the foundation; we are therefore in a position to be able to offer the platform for free. Our only currency is collaboration “.

While Sigmund will have the ability to attract potential funding, its primary purpose is to connect innovators with collaborators who can offer advice, tools, partnerships and future pathways.

How does it work Sigmund: at the Open-Source link of the platform it is possible to present ideas and collaborate.On The Looking Forward you will find inspiration and useful resources for your project. Sigmund’s Investment grants program makes it possible to put ideas into practice

«Once an idea on Open-Source has been submitted, our team will get in touch to arrange a 14-minute call to discuss the idea in detail. Together, we will brainstorm on how to best involve future collaborators, contributing to the realization of the idea, ”said Merschen.

At the moment, the ideas presented by users include: an app for the safety of women traveling alone. A model of museum tickets with dynamic prices, to motivate visits at less crowded times. Creating “quiet tours” for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) sufferers based on pollution data

The Looking Foreward Journal is a source of inspiration and training for tourism entrepreneurs. The Journal features the thoughts and ideas of Sigmund’s Board Members, including innovative and successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, educators, government officials from the tourism industry and beyond.
Through the Investment grants program, Sigmund offers a partnership grants and investment program that is the result of networking on the platform. Grant applications will open in 2022. Investment Grants will be awarded with the support of a select team of global consultants who will help evaluate applications.

“We are not micro-financiers. We are looking for ideas that have three things in common: people, planet and profit. Through grants and investments, the Sigmund project will bring multiple benefits and all proceeds will be reinvested in other ideas. This is how we will be sustainable in the years to come, ”concludes Merschen.