Shopping centers ask for a deadline to impose the sanitary pass

Restaurant owners, cafetiers, actors and parents of teenagers were not the only ones to look gloomy after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on Monday. The President of the Republic has indeed announced several health measures to try to counter the spread of Covid-19 and the Delta variant. And among these the extension of the need to present an up-to-date health pass (negative PCR / antigen test of less than two days or certificate of vaccination) access to many places of social and cultural life.

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Shopping centers, which recently welcomed a good start to the summer sales period, are now cringe. Their visitors and their employees will have to comply with the new measures from August. A measure that does not satisfy the National Council of Shopping Centers, which regrets not having been consulted before this announcement.

“Imposing the health pass to access shopping centers appears to be triply discriminating: first of all with regard to other shopping locations which will not be subject to the same constraint, secondly, for their staff who do not have the time to get vaccinated in two weeks, and finally for their customers who need to do their essential daily shopping and some of whom will be unable to obtain said pass within the allotted time, explains the CNCC in a press release on Tuesday. new access restriction will have catastrophic consequences on the activity of traders in shopping centers, even though they have just reopened and the figures are well below expectations. Shopping centers are helping to revive the economy and more than 500,000 jobs would thus be threatened “.

While Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor clarified on LCI that the various representations of the sector marked their disapproval. Emmanuel Le Roch, general delegate of Procos, said on LinkedIn that it was “a new blow for shopping centers”, already closed three and a half months this year. “Vaccination is the solution to live with Covid but how is the health pass feasible in 1 or 2 weeks? »He asks himself, regretting that the State« postpones the consequences on certain activities. We will have to create a new aid system for lower turnover and additional costs “.

The CNCC thus informed the government of three expectations. He firstly asks for a postponement of the application of this measure for shopping centers to September 15 “as for nursing staff”. But the CNCC is also asking for support from the State to be able to verify these passes wishing the establishment of random checks by the police and awaiting compensation “for the charges and the drop in turnover that will result from the implementation. of the health pass “.

Requests that seem to echo the compensation measures studied by the government after large shopping centers of more than 20,000 square meters had to close at the start of the last lockdown.

For the time being, the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, has not yet given details of the framework concerning the verification of the health pass at the entrance of shopping centers.

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