Second hand shops in Cologne: Buy cool vintage clothes

As a fan of second hand shops you will have a lot of fun in Cologne! I lived in the cathedral city for twelve years and visited many, many shops. Here are my tips for stores where you can buy beautiful and original vintage clothing – whether on Ehrenstrasse, Ehrenfeld or in the Belgian Quarter.

Great second hand shops in Cologne

Do you already know mine Cologne tips? For sightseeing, street art, restaurants and vintage shopping.

The 60s dress, the jeans from the 70s or the jacket from the 80s – there is a huge range of second hand clothing in Cologne.

At that time I moved to Kölle to study German, politics and art history. Even then, I loved Mod and 60s parties. I found the dresses in the Twiggy look, matching shoes and boots, bags or jewelry in the second hand shops.

I also think 50s rockabilly style clothes are great. This includes dresses with petticoats.

Vintage clothing – cheap and sustainable shopping

The nice thing: You don’t just buy original fashion at mostly low prices. It’s also sustainable.

Much of my closet consists of used clothes in good condition. Why not carry them on if the previous owner: wants to hand them over?

Among them are some vintage pieces, but also a lot of retro. So clothing that is based on the sixties. Because after a long time, some pieces almost fall apart.

Flea markets are also great for all vintage fans. I can recommend these to you:

By the way, you will definitely find something more easily if you are not 1.80 meters tall like me and wear size 42 shoes. Second hand clothing in smaller sizes is much more common.

1) Vintage Revivals, Ehrenstraße

Vintage Revivals Cologne EhrenstrasseThis huge second hand shop in the city center (Ehrenstraße 96) is on two levels. Here you can see colorful things from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s.

These include a lot of clothes, but also bright yellow patent leather boots or clothes with a leopard pattern, glitter or gold. There is also a huge selection of jeans and denim jackets. And accessories such as scarves, hats or sunglasses.

The prices are completely ok, I’ve seen dresses for around 20 euros.

I liked the shop very much: large selection, well sorted and it offers a lot of space.

There are other vintage revivals shops, for example. B. in Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Berlin.

2) Picknweight Vintage Kilo Store, Ehrenstrasse

Picknweight Vintage Kilo Store Cologne EhrenstrasseIn this large vintage store (Ehrenstrasse 60 – 64) I am always a little overwhelmed because there is so much to discover. Everything is sorted by color – whether red, brown or glitter. There are z. B. clothes, bags, shoes like chucks or casual sports clothes.

Under the motto “pick and weight” you can choose something and weigh it. On the board on the wall it says what price per kilo applies to what. There are only fixed prices for the accessories. A bit cumbersome from my point of view, I prefer to see the price directly on the label.

You can find more Picknweight Shops in Hamburg, Berlin or Munich.

3) polyester shock, Ehrenfeld

Polyestershock Vintage Store CologneThis beautiful little vintage store is located in a quiet side street off Venloer Straße (Geisselstraße 14). You can find unusual clothes, bags or shoes here. Everything at reasonable prices. I also like the atmosphere in the shop, you can browse here in peace.

A great offer: owner and fashion designer Anna Krus will be happy to tailor your new vintage piece. The sleeves or the skirt are too long? She can help!

4) Kitsch deluxe, Ehrenfeld

Kitsch deluxe Cologne Second Hand ShopYou can find this second-hand shop at Körnerstraße 26. Used and new is offered here. In addition to clothing, hats and jewelry, there are also dishes and glasses.

Although this shop is also on the small side, you can spend a lot of time looking for something nice.

How about a vegan cinnamon roll at the flour workshop (Venloer Str. 202) afterwards?

5) Vintage & Rags, Belgian Quarter

Köln Second Hand Store Vintage & RagsThis large second hand store (Hohenzollernring 47) on two floors offers clothing for men and women. Above you can find dresses, shirts, sweaters or jackets.

You shop under a chandelier, the walls are adorned with colorful posters and pictures – see cover picture.

6) Oxfam Shop, Belgian Quarter

You can find real bargains in this small Thrift Shop (Friesenplatz 15). There is clothes for him and her. For women, for example, T-shirts, skirts, shoes, scarves or bags. I’ve also bought books and dishes here.

Then you can take a break from shopping in the neighboring Kaffeesaurus or in the coffee and cake (Venloer Str. 19).

Which second hand shop do you particularly like?

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As a fan of second hand shops you will have a lot of fun in Cologne!  I lived in the cathedral city for twelve years and visited many, many second-hand shops.  In the travel blog you will find my tips for vintage shops where you can buy cheap and sustainable outfits and fashion - whether on Ehrenstrasse, Ehrenfeld or in the Belgian Quarter.  Have fun with second hand shopping!

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