Regiondo analyzes the new booking trends for tours and activities

Tours and activities in the area are making their way into the tourism scenario: according to the data processed by Regiondo, an operator active in the booking system for activities and tourist attractions, there is in fact an increase of 15% in 2021 compared to the pre-covid levels of 2019. Italy is a mature market in the digitization sector and more and more operators are approaching technology: for example, out of 10 operators that convert Regiondo, 8 of them had never used a booking system.

“The virtuous network is the network of companies, operators, experiential product which, with a positive meaning, overcomes what is the obstacle for many collaborations: giving visibility as a showcase – explains Tommaso Peduzzi, Regiondo head of Italy -. It is the overcoming of this showcase towards the aggregation and marketing of a product supported by a technological standard. In this way it is possible to enable the whole territory for the promotional-marketing of the experiential product. In recent months we have activated important training courses, the strength lies in the ability to teach to communicate with a different vocabulary depending on the operator and his needs. It is therefore not just a question of selling a booking system, but also of transmitting skills. And the efforts have not been in vain: starting from 2020, Regiondo has digitized from its initial pool of 200 operators, reaching more than 2000 units ”.

The main trends observed by Regiondo since the beginning of the pandemic show how direct sales via the website of tourist services are increasing rapidly compared to the pre-covid period, to the detriment of Pos bookings on the spot and to intermediaries (-50% from OTAs). The demand for the domestic and proximity market has prevailed, as an obvious consequence of the limited possibilities of travel: this change has also entailed, for operators, a review or a new creation of the product to get closer to a closer tourism and adaptation of communication. for the demand of the proximity tourist basin at European level, such as Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. Digitization has involved verticals in the outdoor sector (of the cycling, hiking and naturalistic product) and of all that is the leisure offer (hot air balloons, trains, activities and boat tours), which compared to the cities of art had not yet face the digital world in a mature way. There was also a need to enhance the customer journey in the check-out phase, in the pre and post-booking phase, to transparently indicate all the information, sanitation measures, rules for participating in a tour. or to an activity.