ReFashion launches its platform for networking between players in textile recycling

The eco-organization of the French textile industry Refashion (formerly Eco-TLC) announces the deployment of the “Recycle” platform, which is intended to be an information and networking tool between all French players in textile recycling. The portal will go online on July 28 for a test phase, before an official launch at the end of September.

The portal will be launched in test phase at the end of July – ReFashion

The system would already identify some 160 textile recycling players, 65% of which are French structures and 35% European players. Structures among which are announced some 40% of suppliers of textiles and footwear and 60% of processors offering semi-finished or finished products for the textile, plastics, transport, construction or sport sectors.

Teams of thirty European experts, in particular Dutch, German, Italian, Belgian and Spanish, took part in the development of a precise search tool intended to find in a few clicks data whose precision goes up to the length of the data. recycled fibers. Each company and referenced structure is thus the subject of a dedicated page, constituting in the process a map of the textile recycling market.

“The recovery of waste from the Textile Sector on an industrial scale is only possible by expanding outlets to industries other than textiles”, explains Alain Claudot, Managing Director of Refashion, an organization funded by marketers. themselves (brands, retailers, importers, etc.). “This inter-industry vocation is essential to achieve our ambition of a 100% circular sector”.

At least 160 textile recycling players will be identified by the site in the first weeks – ReFashion

The platform will be free and a dedicated team will be in charge of supporting users. The technical system was developed with the company Inex Circular, a specialist in inter-company networking, which works in particular for Veolia, Engie and Total.

Of the 648,000 tonnes of TLC (textiles, linen and footwear) placed on the market in France each year, only 38.1% have so far been collected (+ 3.3% between 2018 and 2019). Some 65% are sorted in France via 63 approved centers. On the whole, 57.8% of the parts are reused, while 33.5% are transformed into rags, or frayed to be transformed into threads.

In March 2020, eleven professional trade and fashion federations and ReFashion presented a document deciphering the implications of the law of February 10, 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy. A reference document while the destruction of unsold items is prohibited.

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