Pnrr, big data, startups, the topics of Enit at the Ttg of Rimini

Giorgio Palmucci president of Enit

Italy and future prospects in six events organized by ENIT at the Ttg in Rimini 2021 from 12 to 15 October. We will talk about PNRR, big data, startups, a new way of doing tourism based on an analytical approach to data to improve and guide the offer with greater awareness. To overcome the difficulties of post-pandemic tourism, the Ministry of Tourism with Enit is implementing new digital tools for public and private actors to support tourism promotion and the competitive positioning of Italy as a destination sought after by global demand.

As part of the activities envisaged by the Tourism Digital Hub, the first version of the dashboard will be presented which, in an Agile development path, will be made available to operators and institutions for timely planning on the markets in light of the new version of the post- Covid 19. In addition, Enit is involving tourism SMEs (including hotels and other accommodation facilities, holiday and other short-term accommodation, campsites, recreational vehicle and caravan parks, agencies and tour operators), innovators and startups (all market sectors and especially in tourism), students, young entrepreneurs, tourism professionals in the public and private sectors, destinations and local administrations in the Eu eco-tandem project, co-financed by the Cosme program of the European Union also through an Infoday to Ttg.

The main objective of the program is to promote the development of sustainable tourism and help SMEs in the process of conversion to a more eco-sustainable and green tourism supply chain through training and training courses, innovation and the allocation of micro-financing (vouchers) for the transition. to greener tourism. Enit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, will give centrality to the data that will be at the center of the debates organized by the National Tourism Agency and which not only have the purpose of monitoring current trends but are also a great opportunity for orientation on the markets. , to intercept the changes, to grasp the segments most interested in our offers, to build products suited to the needs that are developing. This training session intends to explore the different ways of positioning on proximity and long-range markets, verifying from the data the actions to be taken to conquer them.

In the light of the global scenarios in progress in the near and distant markets, the paradigms of the trends in the supply sector in response to the new ways of reviewing the tourist demand lead to new possibilities for positioning on the market, digital and otherwise. Tourism startups will be invited to participate in the in-depth workshop dedicated to the program and how to participate in order to obtain micro-financing for the green transition. A dedicated workshop will illustrate the rules for participation, the funds available to SMEs and startups in the tourism sector, as well as providing a highly interactive session to get to know the needs of SMEs closely to facilitate the transition to a more eco-sustainable tourism. It starts on 13 October with the meeting on “Il Pnrr, an overtaking lever for Italian tourism” THINK FUTURE 2021 | Italy Arena from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm in the presence of the director general of the tourism ministry Francesco Paolo Schiavo, the president Enit Giorgio Palmucci and the marketing director of Enit Maria Elena Rossi.