new cruise passengers want to spend more (+ 6%)

Nicola Lorusso

They look for comfort and relaxation, even putting their hand in their wallet. They prefer sea view holidays and are in a hurry to leave even if alone. They are the new cruise passengers, photographed byTicketcruiser Observatory.

The average expense has increased by 6%, based on bookings for the 2021/2022 winter season, compared to the data for the 2019/2020 winter (pre Covid).

Anyone who has been stationary for a long time does not hesitate to use a budget greater in order to indulge in the much-desired vacation, with the panorama gaining central importance in the choice. Equally important is the possibility of enjoying outdoor spaces, provided they are for exclusive use, which guarantee relaxation, intimacy and distancing, as the pandemic has taught us.

“The habits of travelers in the post-pandemic have changed – he declares Nicola Lorusso, CEO of Ticketcrociere – The cruiser prefers privacy and a few more luxuries, ready to spend in order to indulge in his own reserved outdoor space. Today the choices of outside cabins with balconies are increasing by 10%. And the companies adapt, with ad hoc offers and promotions that respond to the new needs of the tourist ».

In the choice of the cabin, the preference for external with balcony in fact it rises from 32 al 42%, while the other percentages go down: internal cabins from 46 al 42%; external cabins with portholes from 15 all’11%; suite dal 7 al 5%.

Another difference between the pre-pandemic and the reservations made today for the next few months is in the “status” of the traveler: the number of solitary tourists is increasing, passing from 4 al 7%. Today there are more single who choose to spend their holidays on a cruise, also taking advantage of the possibility of smartworking on board. However, the queen of the market remains couples (slightly down, from 55 to 54%) and families (from 41 to 39%).

As regards the destinations, consolidates the Mediterraneo – absolute protagonist of the restart of cruises already in 2020 – with 70% of preferences. Outside Europe, we orient ourselves for Dubai, for 6% of the total and requests are starting to arrive for the new cruise destination of the year, the Red Sea (5%).

All while waiting for the response of customers to the reopening – scheduled for November 8 – of the United States to vaccinated travelers, which for cruises means above all Miami and Caribbean.

Ticketcrociere is the brand Italian of Taoticket Srl, an online travel agency specializing in the cruise segment which in 2019 recorded almost 20 thousand bookings, for a turnover of 18 million euros.