MSC Cruises lines up a second ship, MSC Magnifica, for World Cruise 2023

MSC Cruises has revealed that a second ship will join MSC Poesia in MSC World Cruise 2023: MSC Magnifica.

It is the first time, for the entire cruise industry, that two cruises around the world have been carried out at the same time. The two ships will host a total of over 5,000 guests and will both depart on January 4, 2023 from Civitavecchia and January 5, 2023 from Genoa, Italy, for simultaneous world cruises, but with different routes.

MSC Magnifica will replicate the itinerary that MSC Poesia should have performed in the MSC World Cruise 2022, which, after careful consideration and evaluation, was unfortunately canceled as it would not have been feasible due to too many ports that still apply stringent restrictions for fight the pandemic. Guests who dreamed of making their journey of a lifetime aboard MSC Magnifica will then have the opportunity to experience it in 2023.

Gianni Onorato commented: “The 2023 MSC Poesia world cruise was already fully booked, so we made some changes to the program of MSC Magnifica, a popular world cruise ship, so that she could be able to offer the same itinerary as scheduled in the 2022, simply a year later. In fact, the ship will leave on the same date and will call at all scheduled ports “.

the sales for the MSC World Cruise 2023 of MSC Magnifica are now open and guests who had reservations for the MSC World Cruise 2022 will be contacted shortly, giving them priority in re-protect your reservation. To those who decide to move their booking to 2023, the Company, as a demonstration of gratitude for loyalty, will give the opportunity to book a free cruise between January 1st and May 3rd 2022, so that they can enjoy a cruise vacation during this time of year. The World Cruise 2023 aboard MSC Poesia is currently sold out and has a waiting list, which guarantees an opportunity for these guests to sail on MSC Magnifica.

MSC Poesia and MSC Magnifica will set sail together in 2023 with boarding in Civitavecchia on January 4 and in Genoa on January 5, in Italy, in Marseille, France on January 6 and Barcelona, ​​Spain on January 7. It will be a very special moment of celebration for the guests of the two ships that will leave to discover enchanting destinations around the world.

Once they cross the Mediterranean Sea, the ships will separate into the Atlantic Ocean. MSC Magnifica will circumnavigate South America, cross the South Pacific Ocean and continue towards the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and then return to the Mediterranean through the spectacular Suez Canal.
MSC Poesia, on the other hand, will cross the Panama Canal and travel along the west coast of Central America and North America, then continuing to the Pacific Ocean will spend a long period in Asia. Crossing the Indian Ocean, the ship will then return to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.