more info on the site and coupons to cover buffers to intercept the restart signals

First timid signs of recovery for Ideas for Traveling, which immediately restarts with two new initiatives to encourage bookings. In recent weeks, the Capitoline to is in fact registering an aincrease in sales and quotes for travel from October onwards to the Emirates, Jordan and the Indian Ocean (especially the Maldives and Réunion). Hence the idea of ​​launching a couple of ad hoc actions, aimed at satisfying the current needs of the market: to have constant up-to-date, certain and timely information, as well as tools that can help agents and customers to overcome uncertainties before booking the vacation.

This is how the projects “You can travel” e “Coupon to cover buffer costs“. The first results in a new section of the site constantly updated with practical information, clear and easy to use relating to destinations and procedures for traveling. At the link customers and adv you will find precise information on open destinations and, for each, the procedures to go there. Currently the destinations in planning, and therefore reachable for tourism reasons and with the right of reciprocity for entries / exits, are in fact five: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Reunion Island and Canada.

The “Coupon to cover buffer costs”, on the other hand, guarantees the customer, for each case booked and at the same time as the travel documents are issued, a voucher worth 150 euros per person by way of reimbursement of expenses incurred for mandatory tampons (nominative and non-transferable) that can be spent on future trips booked with the operator by 2022, without limits of destinations. This is to all intents and purposes a contribution to the costs incurred for molecular or rapid swabs which can have an impact, even significantly, on the holiday budget, especially when families are traveling.

“With these two actions we want to incentivize bookings and help travel agents a convert estimates faster – explains the CEO of Idee per Viaggiare, Danilo Curzi -. The new section of the site, constantly updated by our staff, is a useful tool to correctly inform agents and reassure the final consumer. C.what is missing now is not the desire to travel, but the certainty of being able to do so with clear and precise rules. The coupon is our way of contributing to the expenses that the consumer has to incur to carry out the swabs. We know that swabs and rapid tests are an additional cost that weighs on the final price for this, through coupons, we would like to give our support in stimulating the consumer to travel “.