Michelle Hunziker is the new tourism ambassador

Michelle Hunziker e Christina glasses

Michelle Hunziker presents its Swiss side in Italy, lending its popularity, along with Switzerland Tourism, for the promotion of this wonderful territory, just beyond the mountains, which seems to have been born, like Italy, to welcome travelers, tourists and people who love the good life.

The director ofSwiss Tourist Office in Italy, Christina glasses, he claims: «It is a thrill to present our new strategy. We are sure that the choice made on a person so well known, recognizable, sparkling, multifaceted and at the same time serious and “Swiss” can present our country and its attractions to the Italian public in a more than convincing way. We know that Italians, especially those from the neighborhood, like Switzerland, the country of gentle and sustainable mobility, with a thousand tourist offers throughout the year ».

It was recently launched the manifesto for sustainable tourism, Swisstainable, which enhances the love for their land and attention to the environment, an integral part of the Red Cross culture.

«It was exciting to know that my country of birth thought of me to promote itself in my adopted homeland and for this reason I accepted with joy the offer of Switzerland Tourism: it is an opportunity to introduce the beauty of the mountains, its cultural heritage and the care for the territory that distinguishes its inhabitants to the widest possible audience – she smiles pleased while Michelle Hunziker says it -. From the Swiss school and from my parents I inherited perseverance, constancy, discipline, the fact of not being scared in the face of challenges while my freer, more goliardic and craziest part is absolutely of Italian origin. There sustainability has always been important: as a child, with school, they sent us into the houses with a cart to collect paper and plastic to sensitize us as children. I would like to find out with whom we will follow the things that not even I know of my splendid country, and share them with the Italian public to give more and more strength to a bond that I believe I represent. Sustainability and authenticity are essential today. Even in tourism. We seek contact with nature, we are fascinated by the people who take care of their surroundings and who pass on the artisan knowledge. In the era of the fake, we need authenticity, both in personal relationships and in travel ».