Mental load: how not to sink.

The Mental Load !! As at each start of the school year, the wave of mental stress awaits us… Running and buying the back-to-school equipment, organizing Wednesdays, registering them for activities… How will we manage the trips? But how, HOW do the others, who have more children than me? Who work full time? Who have no one to help them?

But the good news is that this logistical burden on our shoulders can clearly be lightened! But then HOW ??

If we would all like to believe that there are magic tricks that allow us to do all of these things equally well, but in less time, without spending an extra penny, unfortunately this option is a sweet dream that we will have to give up .

Because if we want to lighten our mental load, while continuing to sleep 8 hours a day, and not cutting back on the quality time spent with our loved ones, there are generally only two solutions available to us. Two very simple solutions on paper, but oh so difficult to really apply in our daily life.

Solution 1: be less demanding, accept that things are not done, or less well done.

Solution 2 : agree to delegate part of it.

« Yes, well, I would like my husband to do more, but it’s not too topical! » « QWhen at home help, we don’t have the budget« .

But are these the real reasons that push us to take all the logistics of the house on our shoulders? Are our men really responsible for our Mental Load? Did we dare to ask for help? “Why should I ask him any more!” Can’t he spontaneously handle things? Was he given the opportunity to manage things at his own pace and the way he would manage them if we were divorced? Do we accept that he does them in his own way, with his delay and his hiccups? What we ask of the other, is it something essential to the functioning of the home, or something that is close to our hearts? As for the home help or the babysitter, is it really a question of budget? Or the belief that it is “for the rich”? The fear of someone coming and rummaging through our stuff? The fear that she sees our whole mess? The fear of entrusting our children?

Mental load is not just a question of ” I must do it wrong, I procrastinate too much, I don’t have the right tips to handle everything«, ni de « I ran into a guy who doesn’t give a damn, and who’s on the go all the time“, It goes much further! And by taking a step back from the real reasons that make all this logistics rest on our shoulders, our vision of the situation changes, and we set up a new organization much more suited to our home (not to that of the neighbor, which is she different from us😁).

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Can you imagine, what would your life be like if you had a lightened mental load? How would your children see this mom more mentally available to them?

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