Maurus Lauber explains the benefits of the Swiss Travel Pass

Maurus Lauber on the “Lok 7” the steam locomotive of the rack railway to Rigi Kulm

Soft mobility has always been a priority for Swiss people who care very much about their natural treasures. “In fact, over 100 years ago someone thought of combining rail, lake and (public) road transport – he explains Maurus Lauber ceo of Swiss Travel System – to facilitate passenger transport on the one hand and improve the traffic situation on the other. Thus the “system” was born and perfected up to the present day with the Swiss Travel Pass, a pass to enjoy without the stress of the car not only the journey intended as movement, but also as the opportunity to visit over 500 attractions all included ».

The card, which can have different temporal validities, guarantees not only the first class on unlimited rail transport, in the period of time purchased, but also the 1st class on transport by bus, boat on the lakes, urban public transport in 90 cities and hiking on some iconic mountains such as Rigi, Schilthorn, Stanserhorn e Stoos in addition to admission in more than 500 museums in all cantons. Plus discounts on other attractions and transport, such as scenic trains, not included.

«Our company is jointly owned by various entities including SBB – Swiss Federal Railways, the Swiss Railways is dedicated to promoting the pass abroad. 2019 closed with a turnover of 200 million francs, but the pandemic put us in great difficulty – like everyone else -, so much so that 2020 closed with a tenth of turnover (20 million) and 2021, as of July it is at 11 million. My goal is to return, in four years, to the 2019 turnover, then retire ».

Swiss and STS trains: punctuality and courtesy

Punctuality, cleanliness, hospitality, capillarity of Swiss transport are a certainty, as is the simplicity of use of this mode, better every year as evidenced by the promotional campaign in partnership with Switzerland Tourism which has linked its image to that of Michelle Hunziker and his “adventures” with alternative transport in Switzerland.

“Among the latest and most important innovations, the application”Mobile FFS“That will guide you through your trip, also considering the free wifi coverage in stations, many cities and lakeside ports, to make it easy and usable, in simplicity and modernity” ·