Lionel Messi at Parc des Princes, this might be a detail for you

King among princes

It was Saturday August 14 in a packed Parc des Princes. After long days of speculation and waiting, then of media parade, Argentinian Lionel Messi finally introduced himself to his new supporters. All smiles, he chained checks, thumbs up, poses, hugs and glances. Before, finally, to give way to his new partners. Because there was indeed a match, PSG-Strasbourg, scheduled in the wake of the festivities. But tonight, football wasn’t really the main topic.

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The jeans hitch

The real subject was him. Would he be smiling? Would he be nice? Would he live up to the hopes placed in him? Very factually, we will retain, for our part, that the former Barcelonan made his first race on the lawn of the Parc des Princes dressed in falsely ripped skinny jeans and concluded at his bottom with a rolled cuff executed according to the well-known technique. “pin and roll”, intended to shorten the pants while tightening them. Conclusion? That night, Lionel Messi was at least up to the little stylistic hope we had placed in him.

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Silk overshoot

To accompany these cuffed jeans, the former Barcelona striker opted for a pair of white Adidas running shoes and a pair of invisible socks. How do we know? Precisely because invisible socks, supposed to allow you to show your malleoli without sweating in your shoes, have the particularity of being almost always visible, ending up protruding, in one place or another. In this case, it is under the right malleolus of Lionel Messi that his invisible socks ended up revealing their black color.

State of sieges

To the right of the image, these seats remind us that football has changed, or at least PSG. Since August 2019, it is in these individual seats, worthy of real Formula 1 tubs, that PSG replacements can comfortably attend their team’s matches. Thus the expressions “to bench” or “to polish the sidelines” no longer apply.

Smart coat of arms

Despite everything, how can we not notice the presence, in this idyllic setting and this storytelling on the line, of a disruptive element? In this photo, the PSG logo is in great competition with that of its opponent of the day, undoubtedly the most elegant in Ligue 1. In the Strasbourg badge, a stork, a cathedral and a red stripe representing the coat of arms of the city, that is to say at the same time a history, an identity and values… In spite of everything, that evening, it is indeed the PSG which won. 4-2. Without Messi, remained in the stands to watch the match.