“Later, I imagine myself in Las Vegas, in a rotten bar, with a toupee and a wired microphone”

Some posing sessions turn into endless nightmares. But that Thursday, when Nikos Aliagas arrives at the bar of the Jardins du faubourg, a hotel near the Elysée where he has his habits, the host of TF1 is all smiles. Delighted to discuss technique with the photographer, he who, for several years, has not let go of his camera. Happy to catch the eye, even if he has to slip between two sofas and flash a smile in an anything but natural posture, a glass of royal spritz in his hand. He discovered this cocktail last summer in Greece, with his 80-year-old aunt, Eleftheria. And now, to imitate him, he takes on the rocky accent of an old Greek lady: “Come and have an aperitif with your aunt!” » As the flash crackles, it tenderly evokes this woman of whom it is the spitting image. “In Greek, we say: “I spat in his mouth”. » His voice sings.

All Nikos Aliagas is there. Flirty. Spicy and sweet at the same time. Greek and French. In front of the goal in the afternoon, behind an hour later. Always between two cultures and two postures. That of the journalist or photographer curious about others, that of the showman at the center of all attention. These days, it is the second facet that dominates. Not only is TF1 starting the new season of “The Voice”, of which he is the main organizer for the 11e consecutive year, while continuing to broadcast its people show “50’inside”. But the TF1 group also devotes a ninety-minute documentary to its 52-year-old star, in prime time on TMC, on February 9.

“At the start of the shows, I hear the countdown in the headset, and I often wonder: ‘Am I in my place?’ »

Some will see it as a labor medal awarded by a satisfied employer to one of his best workers for his twenty years in the house. Others have a video CV, a way for the young 50-year-old to showcase his range of skills. “As I come from nowhere, I thought that my path could inspire kids, evacuate the person concerned. As for knowing what I will do tomorrow, I don’t know. I never had a career plan. I have often accepted projects that everyone advised me against, such as “Star Ac”. And even today, I have impostor syndrome. At the start of the shows, I hear the countdown in the headset, and I often wonder: “Am I in my place?” »

Sword of Damocles

Imposter, him? No doubt we have to go back to its very beginnings. In 1969, the doctors did not give much of this newborn suffering from a malformation of the duodenum. A daring operation is attempted, but the parents, two Greeks who met in Paris in May 1968, are warned: the chances of survival are minimal. The infant remains three months in the hospital. He gets away with recurring stomach aches. “Five or six years ago, I met the surgeon who operated on me,” he says. She couldn’t believe it: “But how do you live? » Holy question! ” As I can “, replies Nikos Aliagas. “Obviously, all this has passed into my unconscious, he analyzes now, sitting in the dark of the bar, the flash off. For my parents, every extra day was a day gained. This sword of Damocles explains why I was hatched, overprotected, and also my desire to live at top speed. Life is too short to ask questions. » He sinks a little deeper into the sofa: “Basically, I spent my life trying to survive. »

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