Latam vince il Best airline in South American e l’Apex

Latam Airlines Group stood out, both in South America and globally, with two of the most important awards in the airline sector.

It was awarded as “Best airline in South America“In the 18th edition of Global Traveler GT Tested Reader Survey Awards based on an online survey conducted by readers of Global Traveler magazine. L’Apex Passenger Choice it also assigned to LATAM four stars out of five in its ranking of international airlines, based on customer ratings of over 600 airlines worldwide.

“In a particularly challenging year for the industry, our commitment to our customers continues to remain strong thanks to the effort of our workers. We particularly appreciate these awards because they come directly from our passengers. These awards encourage and challenge us to continue working to bring their dreams to their destination “, he said Paulo Miranda, vice president of customers di Latam Airlines Group.

The GT Tested Reader Survey Awards was distributed to more than 2 million readers in the form of an open question. Passengers had to fill in a blank to vote for their favorite airline in South America. APEX was based on customer ratings of over 600 airlines around the world, which they rated nearly a million flights on a rating scale of up to five stars. The LATAM Airlines group received a four-star rating.

These awards are in addition to those already received this year by Skytrax, which had highlighted the safety and hygiene standards by LATAM. Additionally, the group recently ranked at fourth post worldwide in the Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) of Standard & Poor’s and has positioned itself as the airline with the better sustainability performance In the American and European continent.

The carrier offers more flights and destinations than any other group of airlines in Latin America, reaching more than 125 destinations in 16 countries worldwide, including domestic flights to Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Furthermore, it continues to strengthen the hygiene and safety measures adopted during its entire operation, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the health authorities of the countries in which it operates. .