Last: the long-lasting make-up brand that combines technique and naturalness

A newcomer to the world of long-lasting make-up, Last, which offers since its launch last June a range of 18 references of eyelash and eyebrow mascara and eye shadows, promises transfer-free products that are resistant to water but also formulas with more than 90% of ingredients of natural origin. This performance, presented as unprecedented, is essentially based on the use of renewable isododecane. In fact, usually obtained from petrochemicals, this molecule which constitutes up to 50% of the formula of long-lasting products, in the case of Last, is obtained from biomass.

Last’s eye shadow range (24 euros, 5ml shadow)

Because behind Last is Global Bioernegies, which develops hydrocarbons from renewable resources. The French start-up is also behind the first cross-border flight powered by 97% renewable aviation fuel: a flight that also took place last June.

On the cosmetic side, Last has therefore developed a bio-based version, made from a process of fermentation of plant resources, the famous isododecane. A discovery that the listed group has decided to unveil through a brand launch, Last: “The long-lasting make-up market represents 4% of the cosmetics market and we are the only ones in this buoyant market to design a renewable isododecane “, indicates Marc Delcourt, CEO of Global Bioenergies whose majority shareholder, with 14% of the capital held, is the L’Oréal group.

From 2022, the Global Bioenergies group therefore plans to sell its renewable isododecane to cosmetic groups and brands, of which Last seems to be the best demonstration.

“With Last, the idea is to put science back at the heart of product design and not oppose it to naturalness as is often the case”, explains Romain Desfresnes, in charge of strategy, marketing and of communication from Last. The brand, which for its beginnings is sold via its e-shop and which is working on the development of selective distribution, has therefore decided to communicate on its performance and colors, rather than on its formulas.

Formulas composed of 90 to 99.8% of ingredients of natural origin depending on the product and which do not contain perfume or controversial ingredients. On the packaging side, the eye shadow bottles are made of glass and those of the mascaras are made of recycled plastic and their brush is bio-based, made from castor oil.

In September, Last, which should soon form a partnership with the beauty advice platform Jolimoi, will launch a range of 14 liquid lipsticks, also combining long-lasting and naturalness. In 2023, Global Bioernegies should focus on the dermocosmetics and capillary segments.

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