La Spezia Summer Festival, 14 thousand people at events including jazz, theater and great Italian music

Great public success for La Spezia Summer Festival which ended with the extraordinary success of “Don’t wake the spectator” with the talented and eclectic Lino Guanciale paid homage to the life and works of Ennio Flaiano, with the direction and musical accompaniment of Davide Cavuti.

“An unprecedented overwhelmingly successful summer, also given the extraordinary organizational effort for anti-Covid security conditions – declares the mayor of La Spezia Pierluigi Peracchini Over 14 thousand people attended the International Jazz Festival, concerts of great Italian music and summer theater shows: a success that saw the participation of La Spezia locals and tourists who, with great collaboration given the health situation, responded with enthusiasm to all the cultural offers that the Administration has put in place. If all this was possible it was only thanks to an important teamwork with all the municipal staff involved, with the technical and security services, working day and night for the citizens. A heartfelt thanks also to the two artistic directors, one of the Jazz Festival, Lorenzo Cimino, and the other of the Spezia Estate Festival, Alessandro Maggi, and to all the sponsors who supported and believed in a summer in La Spezia that had the ambition to be, really, the strong and concrete signal of the restart ».

In total, almost 5200 spectators attended the 16 shows on the bill: “My thanks go first of all to those who made the exhibition possible – underlines the artistic director Alessandro Maggi – to the municipal administration of La Spezia and to the Mayor Peracchini, to the sponsors, to the organizational and technical staff, to the journalists. Thanks to the wonderful audience who spent so many evenings in Piazza Europa. The established programming is proof that many different audiences come together and come out of their segmentations, legitimizing quality theater. It was a wonderful start over, in the hope of continuing this mutual need to meet again between the public and the artists ».

Starting from last July 19th the stage in Piazza Europa saw the alternation of big names in the theater and research companies: in addition to Lino Guanciale, Flavio Albanese, Sergio Rubini, Glauco Mauri and Roberto Sturno, Riccardo Buffonini with the Eco di Fondo Company, Edoardo Leo, Alessio Boni and Marcello Prayer, Chiara Francini and Andrea Argentieri, Alberto Fasoli, the choreographer Alessandra Panzavolta with Mediterranean Dance Company, Paolo Rossi, Beatrice Schiros with Nove Teatro and Mario Perrotta. Space also for local artists: Battiato Libero, Mitilanti, Roberto Alinghieri.