La Samaritaine celebrates its 150th anniversary with great fanfare

Translated by

Paul Kaplan

Published on

1 sept. 2021

La Samaritaine, this luxury eldorado recently reopened under the leadership of the LVMH group, kicks off two months of celebrations this Thursday to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

The Samaritan

On the festive schedule: an exclusive Prada pop-up store, guided tours by art historians broadcast live on the store’s YouTube channel, a giant cake created by artist Elsa Muse, cocktails and special pastries prepared by world-class bartenders and chefs, as well as a multitude of new Senegalese products in its concept store, Loulou.

In 1870, Ernest and Marie-Louise Cognac-Jaÿ opened their first Parisian boutique. This small space on the Pont Neuf quickly became a department store and an emblem of the capital, much appreciated for its exuberant architecture and its unexpected range of products.

The Samaritan

Two months ago, after 15 years of renovation for a budget of 800 million euros, its new owner, the luxury giant LVMH, officially reopened the doors of the Samaritaine, transformed into a high-end and concept shopping destination. store, embellished with half a dozen restaurants.

The celebrations for its 150th anniversary will take place from September 2 to October 31, with a giant seven-story pastry cake imagined by Elsa Muse, designed to tell the story of the store. Inspired by the zoetrope technique (precursor of cinema), sugar figures come to life on the cake, which pivots on itself.

The Samaritan

The store windows will highlight an exclusive collaboration with Prada, announcing the temporary residence of the Milanese brand, which will take up residence for two months at La Samaritaine. The installation includes a video floor connected to a lantern inspired by the geometry of the Prada triangle, as well as an exclusive selection of ready-to-wear, leather goods and feminine accessories.

Matthias Giroud, head mixologist at Le Voyage, and Jérémy Del Val, French dessert champion at Dalloyau, will unveil a box set harmoniously combining cocktails and pastries. As for art historian Margaux Brugvin, she will offer guided tours through the history of the department store.

The Samaritan

Located in the first arrondissement of Paris, between rue de Rivoli and the Seine, la Samaritaine is ideally located, on a path taken by around 20 million tourists per year. Between the Louvre and Notre-Dame, it overlooks the Pont Neuf, one of the most visited places in the capital. At the southeast corner of La Samaritaine, we find the eclectic boutique Loulou, which bears the name of its founder, Marie-Louise. Loulou will celebrate the anniversary with several emblematic products: jewelry from Saona or Soline Camart, a fashion selection from the Bisous Skateboards project or handcrafted treasures developed by the CSAO in Senegal, all at reasonable prices.

Paris will always be Paris: the festivities will begin with a cocktail given on Thursday evening under the glass roof of the 5th floor.

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