Jordan Bardella, the smooth head of the National Rally

It is true that he is nice. The tall young man is courteous, lively, smiling, funny when he wants it, always carefully dressed, perfectly at ease on TV and undoubtedly full of talents: Jordan Bardella has a good head, for a head of the regional list. He is now a leading political figure; He rose in a few years to the vice-presidency of the National Rally (RN), the first party in France, and could, at 25, occupy the presidency for a time in September, when Marine Le Pen will take the field to the presidential election.

Even his most resolute opponents recognize some merit in him. “He is intelligent, he is brilliant, he has a real political background, agrees Valérie Pécresse, the outgoing president of the Ile-de-France regional council, against whom he has just lodged a complaint for defamation following accusations against members of his list. It makes him a rather romantic character. But with shadows and more darkness than light. “ There is indeed a Bardella mystery.

The young man perfectly embodies the image of a clean, frequentable, “demonized” RN, and, if he does not concede anything on the themes of the extreme right, he has little to do with the troop. of shaved heads which for a long time encumbered the ranks of the FN. He accepts marriage for all, is in favor of the authorization of medicinal cannabis, does not think that the Holocaust is a detail of the story. One would look in vain for a real pot that he would drag around since the beginning of his short life.

The all-risk agent

He has become the man of perilous missions. At the regional level, he was only supposed to be a national campaign manager. “The reality is that the polls were extremely bad in Ile-de-France, explains Marine Le Pen. I told him that it seemed to me that the only person likely to make more than 10% in the region was him. “ Bardella was not difficult to convince. “The leaders of the movement said: ‘He risks damaging his image’, explains the president. To which he replied, if he didn’t go to the tough places at 25, when would he go? I found his reaction rather honorable. ” Polls today oscillate between 18% and 21%.

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The stake was much more crucial for the Europeans. This day at the end of 2018, he pushes the door of Marine Le Pen’s office in Nanterre, to have him validate four unfortunate visuals of the National Youth Front (FNJ). The president looks serious, sits him down and says to him a little solemnly: “Here, the movement would like to give you the head of the list to the Europeans. “ She tells him that it is her wish, that she tries to convince the most reluctant, Nicolas Bay, then outgoing president of the Lepéniste group in the European Parliament, or Louis Aliot, a heavyweight of the party, who considers himself in the best position. .

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