Jet2 cancels all flights to Naples. The indignation of Federalberghi Campania

Costanzo Iaccarino, president of Federalberghi Campania

“The effects of the extension of the anti-Covid restrictive measures for entry into Italy are already being felt: we thank the Italian Government for the obtuseness shown and we are preparing to witness with dismay the damage caused to the hotel sector”: so Costanzo Iaccarino, regional president of Federalberghi, comments cancellation of all flights to Naples scheduled by Jet2 for the 2021 season, as well as the related allotments in accommodation facilities.

The low-cost airline, which offers scheduled and charter flights from the United Kingdom, has in fact decided to cancel the connections with immediate effect due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the quarantine imposed by the Italian authorities on those arriving in the national territory from Great Britain and the consequent weakening of demand. “We had warned the government by underlining how irrational the restrictions imposed on British travelers for health reasons were – continues Iaccarino – In response, the Minister of Health extended the obligation of fiduciary isolation to August 30 for five days. The first effect is the cancellation of flights by Jet2 ».

According to the president of Federalberghi, however, the worst is yet to come: “What has just happened demonstrates what we have been saying for some time, namely that certain restrictions discourage bookings, make a holiday in Italy impossible and damage especially those regions, such as Campania. , which have always been the good retirement of British holidaymakers. The consequences of the choices made by the Government will soon make it clear how difficult it is to welcome in our country without a minimum of planning: all this will lead to a shortening of the tourist season with significant repercussions on the entire economic system. And we hope that the disaster will stop here ».