It’s me who did it ! Five places to try your hand at crafts


We have selected five immersive workshops, all over France, to learn how to produce your own pastis, make your own butter, weave baskets, assemble a watch or even shape a bodysurf board!

I compose my pastis in Marseille

“Pastis is like breasts. One is not enough and three is too much “, Fernandel was saying. Before sipping the famous pastaga, drink the words of Guillaume Strebler, who works at the Distillerie de la Plaine, in the 6e arrondissement of Marseille. His workshop for “Assemble your pastis” allows you to discover the dry ingredients that go into the recipe, by touching, smelling and tasting anise, liquorice, fennel or star anise. We continue with the identification of macerates obtained from alcohol at 45 degrees and these same spices and aromatics, joined by mate, pepper and verbena as well as the essential oil of anise. The latter contributes to squinting, this opaque whitening obtained when water is poured into its pure pastis. All you have to do is compose your own recipe from the ready-to-use macerates, before leaving with your homemade bottle – much more than three glasses!

“Assemble your pastis” and “Make your pastis”, workshops open to 18 years and over. From 30 € per person. To book on which offers more than 1,600 craft workshops in France.

I make my butter at a churn in the English Channel

Churn butter workshop, at the Cotentin farm-museum, in Manche.

The imposing Beauvais farm, in Sainte-Mère-Eglise (Manche), which became the Cotentin farm museum in 1979, testifies to the rural and agricultural life of the early twentieth century.e century. The dairy is the centerpiece of the Cotentin farms where Normandy butter is made, and in particular that of Isigny which made the reputation of the region in the world in the 19th century.e century. To learn all about the making of this white gold ingot and try your hand at turning the crank of the churn, a visit to the barn and its milking cart is a must, before moving on to the dairy, where the milk is freed of its impurities and skimmed. In an adjoining room, using a glass churn and a little elbow grease, any motivated apprentice can transform the cream into butter, to be enjoyed on fresh bread before heading to the apiary and vegetable garden.

Visit: € 5 for adults, € 2.50 for 7-18 year olds. On reservation, churn butter workshop: € 1.80 extra, every Wednesday in July and August at 2:30 p.m.

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