Is this THE RETURN of Kim Kardashian?

Have you ever heard of “revenge dress”, the dress of revenge after Lady Di’s first official appearance after the divorce. It was a black dress, sexy, short, with the shoulders showing and it sent the message that she was still full and serene after the troubled end.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce has yet to be officially announced, but last week she made a sort of “revenge trip”, a trip to Rome casamigas and who also sent a message: Kim Kardashian is back.

Well that’s what I think, right? And you know why I’m saying this, is that it seemed a lot to Kim Kardashiana energy from the beginning of the last decade, when she was more free and, let’s say, spontaneous in her looks.

No minimalism, covered clothes and ungrateful length, but a lot of boldness and the sexy back.

This turtle dress is just EVERYTHING for me, I wanted a Zara version lol. Despite being a Dolce & Gabbana, this look is 100% Kim in her glory days.

Another one with a quality Kim seal, a John Galliano with a slim dress and the face of summer (and Kim’s). And the cap? LOL

Short skirt, neckline and belly out? We have. A look with a 2000s feel and still with this sandal. And Kim sending the megarrér to see, I liked the energy.

That’s beside the point, but at age 18 I was barred from the Vatican for wearing a half-short sleeveless blouse and this is Kim visiting the Sisitine Chapel.

She later said that she was covered in there, but there is a record of a BEM KIM look with lace and shoulders showing. Is she trying to make the income happen again?

Here’s a little Fashionism with boxer shorts and a white brush. The sandal is the fashionable flip-flop type.

Finally, a Kim with a what in the past, an extra midi dress (not to say ungrateful length) and a bolerinho that is useless lol. She even tried to make the cap happen (or the brush was ironed).

And you, do you think the Kim of old is back?