Influencer marketing: the Snipfeed platform launches in France

Platform intended to support content creators in diversifying their income, the American Snipfeed platform is now being deployed in France. It also nurtures ambitions in the Spanish, Italian and British markets, with the particular aim of putting influencers in contact with brands.


Snipfeed claims to date some 10,000 content creators. Among them, no less than 2,000 French designers, including Noholita, Bérengère Krief or Bruno Graffer. It must be said that the structure was created two years ago by three French people, Rédouane Ramdani, Anas Bouassami and Pierre-Habté Nouvellon.

The platform brings together on a dedicated page the creations made for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok. Content that Snipfeed allows to monetize via Apple Pay, Paypal and others, and this thanks to one-off donations and monthly subscriptions from followers. The platform provides advice and guidance, suggesting the good times of live videos or the production of content reserved for subscribers.

The device is also aimed at brands. Through the data gathered, Snipfeed identifies creators with profiles sought for sponsored publications. The platform then becomes a tool for networking and campaign preparation.

“Many brands contact us to get in touch with designers, and we are putting in place means to make this relationship more fluid and direct”, Redouane Ramdani explains to FashionNetwork. “This allows us to discuss the demands of the brand, which can put money on hold on the platform, and to ensure a relationship of trust, which is one of our priorities”.


An approach that would appeal to young brands and DNVB in particular. In this context, Snipfeed is developing a system for purchasing posts or “stories” allowing brands to easily organize campaigns via groups of micro-influencers.

The platform is remunerated with commissions of 12% on digital operations, 2-3% on derivatives, and 10% on partnerships with brands.

With 4.2 million euros raised in April, Snipfeed is thus positioning itself as an alternative to platforms such as Patreon or Onlyfans, which offer Internet users the possibility of financially supporting creators. Tools that are developing particularly with the rise of social networks like Twitch (Amazon) or the Chinese TikTok, many of whose creators are starting to identify the limits in terms of income generation.

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