Incoming, the digital project between the most beautiful villages in Italy and the agri-food sector is underway

Small towns and food and wine have a further chance to become an increasingly important driver for tourism, if we also consider that the relaunch of the villages sees the government investing 1 billion euros in the recovery plan. The “Mib – Italian village market”, project that was born for the enhancement and promotion of supply chains and typical productions of the most beautiful villages in Italy in the agri-food sector. The project focus is the census with subsequent digitization and sale of all the typical and certified products present in the reference territories, with the aim of developing the first systematic mapping of the agri-food and food and wine heritage of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

“Congratulations to the Italian telematic goods exchange for having launched this initiative on the villages: it is a project that goes in the direction of our country – with these words the Undersecretary for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Gian Marco Centinaio, welcomed the project at the presentation press conference -: tourism in the villages linked to food is a well-established product in the minds of operators; the 50 billion euros of exports reached this year also represent numbers linked to tourism. This type of travel is confirmed as a fundamental asset for the recovery of tourism “.

The initiative will see its full realization within four years and was born with the idea of ​​avoiding depopulation and strengthening sustainable tourism by combining certain products with certain territories. Baskets of products will be created, which can be purchased in large-scale distribution circuits, able to evoke the territories visited, he explained Fiorello Primi, president of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The Association has 330 villages selected through the procedure, in turn certified Iso9001, which has 72 parameters “which are a guarantee for Italian and foreign visitors for the quality of life for residents and the welcome and hospitality system. for those who want to visit them ”he comments Osvaldo Bevilacqua, journalist and ambassador of the most beautiful villages in Italy.