in the National Assembly, the champions of obstruction

They are barely ten. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it all depends on the law. Ready to do battle in the National Assembly, in committee or in the Chamber, at 9 am or midnight on societal subjects, such as abortion, end of life, assisted reproduction… These deputies always ready to derail the parliamentary debate are called Patrick Hetzel, Julien Ravier, Anne-Laure Blin or Marc Le Fur.

“At some point, I think it’s important that we make our voices heard. We are not on a consensus and the majority must understand it. »Patrick Hetzel, LR deputy for Bas-Rhin

They are all Republicans (LR). Their main weapon? The right of amendment. Or the possibility for a parliamentarian to propose changes to any legal text. Amendments that can range from changing a word to deleting an entire article. And multiply as many times as the chosen one considers it necessary.

Patrick Hetzel, LR deputy for Bas-Rhin, would almost have fun. He has already tabled around a hundred amendments for the committee’s examination of the bioethics bill and provides just as many for the examination in public session from June 7. After two readings of the text and several dozen hours of debate in three years, the authorization of medically assisted procreation, he still does not want it.

“At some point, I think it’s important that we make ourselves heard. We are not on a consensus and the majority must understand it ”, he justifies. As LR leader on this new reading of the bioethics bill, he intends not to let anything go. “I have blocked the two weeks in my diary”, he warns.

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“It’s a major anthropological problem! “, insists LR deputy Julien Ravier. At 43, the replacement for Valérie Boyer, now senator for Bouches-du-Rhône since October 2020, rejects accusations of conservatism and is in opposition to “A society which decides through science to give birth to children without a father”. On his line, we find the deputies Marc Le Fur (Côte-d’Armor) or Anne-Laure Blin (Maine-et-Loire), also very active.

A “sacred” and “constitutional” right

On February 16, the Socialist group had to give up examining in its parliamentary niche (a day devoted to the initiatives of opposition groups) a bill providing for the extension of the abortion period from twelve to fourteen weeks. In question ? The 580 amendments, including nearly 500 from the LRs. “These kinds of questions cannot be dealt with in a day”, Anne-Laure Blin is justified once again.

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