“I became a vegetarian, I love vegetables, and one of my favorite meals is the picnic”

“I have never lived in one place for more than three years. I was born in Caen, in Normandy, and we immediately moved to the coast, then from Limousin to French Polynesia, from Touraine to Martinique. My father is a hospital doctor, my mother is a nurse, and both have always liked to move around and change scenery regularly.

Polynesia was a magnificent upheaval in my life. I had just entered 6e In Amboise, we left in the middle of the year, to land on a small Pacific island called Raiatea, with a little over 12,000 inhabitants. It was paradise for two years.

One of my best memories is the Polynesian tradition of ma’a Tahiti, a kind of big feast bringing families together on small islands in the lagoon, which we call the “words”. Everyone brings a dish, and we share all the dishes together. It was magical.

“I discovered in Martinique a new palette of tastes, colors, spices, specialties. “

It was very different for Martinique: after two years in Touraine, I was told that I was going to do my second in the West Indies. It was hard to lose my friends (again) and less easy to integrate there at that age, but there too I discovered a new palette of tastes, colors, spices, specialties. A year later, we had returned to Caen.

I moved so much in my childhood that today I feel a strong need to anchor myself, to belong to a place, to a region. When people ask me where I come from, I answer “Normandy”, because it is a territory to which I feel close, even though I haven’t lived there for very long. I have to be on familiar, marked ground, no doubt because I have so often been thrown into the unknown.

I studied graphic design in Paris, Angers, then in Bristol, where my partner was doing an Erasmus program. I focused my graduation diploma on national parks, which was a great excuse to go for a walk. Because we both have a passion for hiking and nature.

Make salads on the go

I became an activist graphic designer after a hollow experience for a studio that made advertisements and which convinced me that I did not especially want to do that, but rather work according to committed values, especially in the field of food.

In the kitchen, my mother is doing very well, even if, when we were little, she did not hesitate to resort to frozen foods and “Mr. Eismann ”, who delivered dishes to us every week. I recently gathered a small collection of family recipes (cheese soufflé, Madeira sauce gougères, West Indian custard), but I found that I was not reproducing them. I’ve become a vegetarian, love vegetables, and one of my favorite meals is picnics.

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Two to three times a year, my companion and I go to bivouac and fill the trunk of our little car with what it takes to prepare salads on the go: seasonal vegetables, house vinaigrette, tasty condiments. The “salad walk” is made at the Opinel, directly in the bowl, depending on what you have on hand, and in front of a beautiful landscape. This is how she is good. “

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