Hungary open to tourist flows from all over the European Union

Hungary has returned to welcome visitors from all countries of the European Union: since last June 23 they have been the controls at the internal borders of the area have been eliminated Schengen, while the certificate of immunity of the European Union – the EU digital green certificate or Green Pass – is available for travel within the EU from 1 July. Consequently, like all other EU countries, Hungary also guarantees free entry to holders of the EU immunity certificate.

All this means that those arriving in Hungary from Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania by any means of land transport can do so practically without restrictions, without quarantine or the obligation of additional tests. However, those arriving in Hungary by plane must present an EU immunity certificate.

In addition to the above, Hungary also concluded bilateral agreements with 17 countries allowing entry without epidemiological restrictions at borders on the basis of bilateral recognition of vaccination certificates. The list of these countries is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

With the new rules, all national and international guests can book and stay in commercial accommodation without any restrictions. Everyone is free to dine on the terraces or inside of all restaurants in Hungary, while also enjoying the rich offer of spas and thermal baths in the country. Theaters, cinemas and classical music concerts are also open to all. A safe holiday, of course, is guaranteed by the high standards of hygiene officially required by all public places and service providers. However, to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, mass events that do not offer fixed seating – concerts, festivals, night music venues – are still only accessible to holders of an immunity certificate.