Healthy and beautiful lips – check how to enjoy them regardless of the weather! – Anna Lewandowska

I love it when my lips are velvety smooth and temptingly soft. Because caring about the need for the delicate skin of the lips is a must in my skincare ritual. The more so as it has to face many challenges on a daily basis – summer is no exception.

The causes of mouth problems

Dry skin, unpleasant irritation, and even… painful cracks! Lips have their own ways to show us that they’re not at their best. Due to the lack of sebaceous glands, they are very delicate and susceptible to unfavorable external factors. In winter, they mainly include frost and icy winds. In summer, the burning sun and salt water are the main culprits. Frequent licking the lips also does not help.

So if you struggle with the problem of dry and irritated lips, I have great news for you – you can deal with it effectively! Quite a new series of lip care cosmetics from PHLOV was created to help you with this 🙂

A way for beautiful lips

Owocowy scrub do ust KISSING ME SOFTLY lovers of silky lips, beautiful fragrances and multi-level nourishment will love. Included in it ground apricot kernels and cane sugar take care of gentle but effective exfoliation of dead skin cells. In turn, high quality oils: coconut, jojoba and shea butter intensively care for chapped skin and support the reconstruction of its hydro-lipid coat.

After the scrub, it is time to regenerate and moisturize RegenerujÄ…cym serum do ust 2w1 GREAT-FULL LIPS! Its unique formula allows it to accompany you around the clock. As a nourishing balm during the day, and as a soothing mask at night.

The secret of the serum lies in its innovative and tested ingredients, incl SEPILIFT™ DPHP. It acts as a natural wrinkle filler, slows down the aging process, and additionally firms and tones the skin. In turn LIPERFECTION O stimulates blood microcirculation in the lips, thanks to which (with regular use) it strengthens their color and enhances them.

They take care of multi-level nutrition TECHNOHYAL HYAPEARL and the most valuable factions Shea butter. The first ingredient is a highly effective form of hyaluronic acid that penetrates deep into the epidermis. The second one firms the skin and improves its density, as well as effectively moisturizes.

A beautiful smile from PHLOV!

I always have this duo with me and I use it both during the day and at night. Thanks to this, I can be sure that my lips are properly cared for, and I can enjoy their beautiful appearance, silky softness and natural depth of color. I believe that you will also like the new products from PHLOV and with their help you will smile even wider. I am looking forward to your impressions! 🙂