Health pass: the prefects will have authority over shopping centers

Debates were bitter in both assemblies. But the bill governing the health pass was finally adopted, with among the notable changes that indicating that large shopping centers will not ultimately have to control said document. Except by decision of the prefect in the event of an urgent health situation in the department.


The deputies had on Thursday evening July 22 decided to maintain the health pass in shopping centers, via paragraph 13 of the bill. Decision which had provoked the ire of the National Council of shopping centers. The senators subsequently blew up this device, which the Government reintroduced via amendment 256 on Saturday evening, to no avail. It was finally in the joint committee that a compromise was found on Sunday evening.

In the final version of the text, the executive and the legislators agreed to give full powers to the prefects on the issue. They will be able to introduce the sanitary pass in large shopping centers “if conditions require”, and by guaranteeing access to essential services.

The senators obtained some notable developments, such as the need for a new parliamentary debate if the health pass was to be maintained beyond November 15.

There will be no dismissal of people who do not respect the vaccination obligation because of their profession. They will instead receive a suspension of pay. It is also the Health Insurance which will control compulsory isolation for infected people. Before, if necessary, an intervention of the police.

Certain amendments adopted in the Senate have particularly divided the right. Like the exemption of the pass in terraces or for minors, measures that did not survive the mixed commission on Sunday. 12-17 year olds will only be exempt until September 30.

The health pass should in theory be applied in early August. Once adopted, the text voted on Sunday will still have to pass the filter of the Constitutional Council before its promulgation. An additional step, to which Prime Minister Jean Castex himself chose to submit in order to protect himself from accusations of attacks on public freedoms.

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