Gurnigel – Leiterenpass – Stockhorn: incredibly beautiful high-altitude hike

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There are few mountains that are as familiar to me as the Stockhorn. I grew up with a view of the striking rock head at the entrance to the Bernese Oberland. And accordingly, it is not surprising that one of my earliest hiking memories is associated with this same panoramic high-altitude hike from the Gurnigel to the Stockhorn. The classic hiking tour over the Gantrisch range inspires with a magnificent view of the Bernese mountains and meets almost all requirements. Be it as a family hike or as a sporty trail running route – these 11 beautiful kilometers of hiking trails should not be missed!

Starting point: Gurnigel watershed

While the high-altitude hike starts in the Gurnigel area, the Thurnen train station is the actual starting point of the tour. And it is precisely in this tranquil village in the middle of the Gürbetal that I grew up. From here, the post bus line 323 transports hikers to the magnificent hills of the Gantrisch nature park. The hike from the Gurnigel to the Stockhorn is for me a home game and a matter close to my heart at the same time. Because let’s be honest: isn’t this mountain backdrop that rushes past the postbus window just beautiful?

Over hill and dale to the ladder pass

After an entertaining, almost 40-minute postbus ride, we reach the Gurnigel, Wasserscheide stop. Here we get out of ourselves and follow the signpost towards Obernünenen. The path to the popular Bergbeiz is designed as a comfortable gravel path and only leads moderately uphill. So we can put the energy into admiring the panorama, which stretches from the Gürbetal to the Freiburg Pre-Alps. The last passing thunderclouds provide unbelievably great light moments this morning.

Gurnigel - Ladder Pass
View from the Gurnigel

Once you have passed Alp Obernünenen, there is a short, jagged ascent to the Leiteren Pass. The mountain path meanders here in a zigzag between the mighty flanks of the Gantrisch and the Nünenflue, 220 meters in altitude up to the top of the pass. Once these have been mastered, a wonderful view opens up over the Simmental to the snow-covered three and four thousand meter peaks. And lo and behold: the destination of our tour today – the Stockhorn – can also already be seen.