good for children and parents alike!

A baby more confident, less frustrated, a more complicit relationship … We have every reason to be interested in baby sign language, otherwise known as baby sign communication!

Another tip for parents who have time to waste to make their child shine at the next snack! “. “What is the point of spending energy communicating with my child, who is a few months away from talking? “” Certainly not, it seems that this delays the learning of the word! “.

It would seem that we have many reasons not to be interested in communication by signs with baby*… But, when we read the testimonies of the readers of Cool Parents Make Happy Kids on the subject (cf. the Tuesday debates on Facebook), there is reason to question our prejudices…

Readers who have experimented with sign language with baby are more than enthusiastic

“I breastfed, we co-coded sometimes, but the communication by signs is by far what brought us the closest to our daughter. An everyday joy. A wonder to see that a tiny baby understands everything, even without speaking. Freeing him from his frustrations is a gift too. “.

“It’s wonderful for everyone… Less frustration, lots of sharing. “

“What a joy to be able to understand your expectations! “

It’s a fun and very rewarding experience between parent and child. I highly recommend it to everyone. “

And the benefits of practicing the language of signs with baby go far beyond what you think …

I had never thought of it. My youngest is 18 months old, he’s a great communicator, and since he was 3 months old, he’s been trying to tell us things. But he can put all the enthusiasm possible in his voice, repeat his gibberish even louder and with more conviction, if the message is not a ‘primary’ need, it is difficult to decipher it. Many of us consider it quite normal to see your little baby talking “in the wind”?

Normal, maybe, but certainly frustrating for baby too!

Let’s put ourselves in his place. Imagine that we understand almost everything that others say around us, and that on the other hand nobody understands us when we speak. Like in a foreign country. Unable to share our important requests, our fears, or our discoveries… There is enough to be frustrated, scream, stamp your feet and start to get discouraged!

The communication by signs with baby will allow our child:

1 / To react less impulsively

Between 10 to 20 months, not only does our child’s brain have trouble managing his emotions … But in addition, in the event of a strong emotion, the young child does not yet know how to express himself other than by screaming, biting, or making anger. So what if, rather than reproaching it for its immaturity, we gave it the possibility and the tools to communicate differently? There is a good chance that he will feel understood and therefore less frustrated.

According to our readers: “A great transition, which saved us from long moments of frustration and tears. “” Much less crises on his part, he could finally make himself understood. “

Moreover, to go further, if you are looking for tips or advice to manage the first years with baby with more serenity, know that I designed the “Special baby PACK” : with all our advice to manage the first separations, anger, prohibitions, etc. ! To receive it (for free of course), it’s simple. Leave me your address below and I will send it to you immediately. A few less crying and stress, it feels good. 😉

2 / gain self-esteem

Knowing how to make himself understood will also allow him to feel more considered, and thus, gain self-esteem. And it is in this that we understand that the communication by signs cannot delay speech acquisition. On the contrary, it often has the effect of speeding it up. Indeed, confident in his ability to make himself understood and to interact with others, the child will on the contrary be more motivated to continue to communicate.

In fact, the child will no longer have to wait days or even weeks for his parents to finally understand that “tutu” means “car”, for example: with the appropriate sign, the child will be understood more quickly.

American scientific experiments confirm what our readers have observed: “I used the“ baby signs ”with my son aged 7 months to 18 months… At 18 months he signed 25 words. He was so proud to be understood! This probably boosted his language: he is now 24 months old and speaks wonderfully. ”

3 / To taste the happiness of communicating with others!

Our child has a lot of things to express to us, he just does not have the possibility to do it due to a lack of a vocal system and mature language skills. Learning communication by signs with your baby means allowing him to taste the happiness of being understood, and, of course, to communicate with others.

Watch how he likes to repeat those famous gestures (“Brrrrrr!”, Postillation and “cuckoo-hidden”, for example) which make us laugh and fill us with happiness. And this, simply because he thus manages to communicate with us… Because communicating with others, isn’t that what brings us the most joy to us human beings?

4 / And it will even be useful afterwards!

Our readers also appreciated being able to continue to use this coded language with their child when they grow up without having to shout!

“We have been signing with my son since he was 3 years old. Used as a ‘secret code’ between us, my son loves it and it allows me to communicate with him remotely or through a window (for the morning ‘goodbye’ at school, ask me to come and push him on swing without risking losing its place, etc.). I would have loved to learn that sooner. “

“When it’s crowded and my daughter doesn’t say thank you, I can sign her from afar that I haven’t heard anything… Or, one day, she went to play on a carpet where shoes were prohibited. Instead of yelling all over the room, I signed off that shoes were off and she got it right! “

But with sign language, it’s not just the child who wins, the parents too!

For some parents, it can also be a real relief to understand their child, and for others, that their child expresses itself other than by anger, screaming or crying.

“It’s really a chance for them to make themselves understood and to avoid all these frustrations that make them so sad… Just as we are not to be able to help them. “

And, since a large number of words that we ‘sign’ relate to emotions, we, parents, instinctively adopt the reflex to put words on the emotions of our children. This allows us to seek the emotion that motivates his actions, the first precious step towards a more benevolent education.

But, beyond this liberation and this good reflex of benevolence, it is also a real communication that takes place between the child and his parent, strengthening their bond and increasing their daily pleasure.

We understood each other better and shared a lot, which consolidated our bond. “
“I highly recommend it, in addition it increases the bond between us, it’s magic! “.

When Leon was 18 months old, I wanted to test in order to write this article. I taught my 18 month old Leon to say “book” and “butterfly” with my hands (surely not the most useful words, but those are the two things the story I was reading at the time was about. ). Since then, he has been “on the hook”! He is SO happy to give me “the book” and to see that I understand. And on my side, I must admit that I am too happy to say: “Chériiiiii, look: he asks me for a story !!!! “. Yes, even if I seem gaga, it’s joy 😄.