Get vaccinated, ask traders who no longer want to close their stores



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Jul 7, 2021

They “solemnly call on the French to be vaccinated”: large trade federations explain Wednesday that they see the vaccine as the best way to avoid closing again, while calls for vaccination are increasing, the mutuals being the last in date to position itself in favor of the obligation for caregivers.


“Any new activity restriction would be dramatic for those involved in the trade,” said the association of professional federations Conseil du Commerce de France (CDCF) and the Confederation of traders of France (CDF) in a joint statement, calling on “the French people, and particularly their clients, have individual and collective responsibility “.

This requires not only the respect of barrier gestures, but also by the fact of “being vaccinated to allow the return of the freedoms to which we are all attached, including that of being able to go to stores without restriction”.

“Trade is life. To preserve it, a gesture, an attitude is necessary: ​​to be vaccinated”, summarizes Francis Palombi, president of the CDF. “It’s fast, it’s free and it’s without major risk. Let’s get vaccinated to avoid a fourth confinement!”

“We do not want the government to have to make this difficult choice again to close shops to reduce flows even though we are not places of contamination”, adds William Koeberlé, president of the CDCF.

On the same day, the Mutualité Française, which federates almost all mutuals in France, said it was in favor of compulsory vaccination for caregivers to protect “all people particularly vulnerable to the pandemic”.

For several days, the debate has intensified on a possible obligation for caregivers, as the Delta variant progresses in France and only about 60% of them have received a first injection. The Prime Minister is due to consult the associations of elected officials on this subject on Thursday.

The press release from the Mutualité recalls that “caregivers are already subject to the obligation to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, tetanus and polio”, and that “some European countries, such as Italy, are already applying this vaccination obligation for all caregivers and even other professions in contact with the public “.

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