Genova Jeans, from 2 to 6 September the event that combines the history and future of Jeans to which a museum will be dedicated

Genoa announces the launch of GenovaJeans, from 2 to 6 September, a new international event that will unite the history and future of jeans, born in Genoa and loved all over the world, under the umbrella of sustainability.

This year’s first edition will bring history to life, to the evolution and innovation of jeans with a series of immersive experiences that will include the Artejeans exhibition, thirty-six jeans canvas works donated to the city by contemporary Italian artists renowned all over the world. The works will be exhibited at the Metelino in view of the creation of the International Jeans Museum whose project is based on the prestigious Genoese historical heritage, starting from the 1538 Teli della Passione kept in the Diocesan Museum and the 1700 nativity figurines made by the Maragliano school.

Candiani, an historic Italian company specializing in the production of sustainable fabric including the recently launched revolutionary COREVATM denim, e Diesel, another flagship of Italian jeans famous all over the world – are the two founding partners of the event. GenovaJeans’ path will tell the salient moments of the history and innovation of jeans. From its inception to its evolution, highlighting the historical and cultural moments that have influenced its style.

Diesel will show, for the first time, legendary pieces from its private archives in the atriums of the splendid Unesco Palaces, in the Loggia di Banchi and in the shop windows along The Via del Jeans, the future Genoese “Carnaby Street”, which collects the Via di Pré, Via del Campo and Via San Luca. The Municipality of Genoa wants to repopulate this area in the name of Jeans also thanks to a recent provision that will support the new commercial, artisanal, catering and culture activities in the historic center. Candiani, in the spaces of the former Mercato Statuto, will curate an immersive experience to highlight the damage caused by unsustainable production and present innovative solutions for the future of the industry, including its latest COREVATM technology, the world’s first compostable stretch jeans. .

The event will be completed by a schedule of meetings, shows, exhibitions and animations organized along the route of the Via del Jeans. Visitors will be accompanied by the animators, students of the University and the Ligustica Academy.

Jack Savoretti – whose family comes from Genoa – will star in a docu-film entitled ‘Jeans-The Genoa-R-Evolution’, produced by Pulse Productions. Below is the link with the world preview of the musical documentary with Jack Savoretti and the violinist Rodrigo D’Erasmo to pay homage to Genoa and 500 years of its history, its music and jeans.

“Here is an extraordinary way of recovering one’s origins by enhancing the history, identity, culture of Genoa, combining these characteristics with the recovery of a part of our historic center. The GenovaJeans project is all this and more: an international idea that is attracting the attention of many professionals and that, we are sure, in September will unleash the inspiration of the Genoese and catapult onlookers and tourists on the city – comments the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci – The possibility of creating the via del Jeans in our alleys is part of a vast redevelopment project of the largest old city in Europe that the municipal administration is carrying out: creating the “jeans style” streets in the heart of the historic center it will be a real revolution, one of the jewels that Genoa can boast at an international level ».