From political chronicle to far-right activism, Eric Zemmour in “Le Monde”

Une time again, on June 2, the question was asked in the editorial staff of the Figaro : what to do with Eric Zemmour? Regarding the accusations of sexual assault revealed by Mediapart, his employer judges that there is no case. As for the multiplication of signals of a potential presidential candidacy, Alexis Brézet, the editorial director, calls for patience: “The day he expresses his intentions, he will no longer be able to write for Le Figaro. “

Journalist? Politics ? Reading the articles that The world devoted to Eric Zemmour tells as much about his gradual shift from political journalism to far-right activism as the profound transformation of the French media landscape of the last twenty years, marked by the explosion of continuous news channels and the culture of clash .

Renowned for his acerbic quill

The very first time that the daily wrote its name, on April 29, 1994, was in its daily press review – a column that no longer exists. One of his articles, which appeared in The Paris Daily, on Michel Rocard, is briefly mentioned there. But it was on September 3, 1999 that his name appeared in a title. This is a brief from the “World of Books” highlighting his first novel, The red Dandy, sure “The too calumniated life of this founder of the first socialist party in Europe”, Ferdinand Lassalle.

“A reactionary prefers the songs of Aznavour and Brel to those of Joey Starr or Cali. »Eric Zemmour in a tribune at the« World »in 2007

Zemmour, political journalist at Figaro for three years, is renowned for his acerbic writing. He regularly publishes books. His obsessions are already there: Guard Rats (Stock, 2000), co-written with Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, is a forgotten fable in which journalists make it their mission to ““ Reveal all of the sentimental and sexual escapades of our politicians ””, summarizes Thomas Ferenczi, February 4, 2000.

Two years later, The man who didn’t love himself (Balland), a biography of Jacques Chirac written from a “Wicked feather”, contains a scoop, announces Hervé Gattegno on January 18, 2002: the clandestine meeting of the Head of State with Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1988. In 2006, The First Sex (Denoël), a sexist pamphlet, panics over what “Women become men and vice versa”, Dominique Dhombres mocked in an article from February 25, 2006.

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