From Charles VIII to “Sex and the City”, babies with full bridles

The history of Babies dates back to the 15th centurye century, the six toes on each foot of King Charles VIII needing all the space that a so-called “bear’s paw” or “duck” shoe can offer to flourish. Abundantly mocked throughout Europe for his unsightly and susceptible appearance on this point, the one who was nicknamed “the Affable” would even have banned very slender models, pony style. The new fashion then spread to the whole kingdom, until the reigns of Francis Iis and even Charles IX (name given to them also).

At the feet of women and children

Spacious, they are ideal for following the first steps of the little ones, starting with the charming blond heads of the bourgeoisie of the early twentieth century.e century. From the first comic book heroes, Buster Brown, his sister Mary Jane and their dog Tiger, at Alice in Wonderland in the Disney adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s tale, through the films of Shirley Temple, the babies are cataloged “good tone shoes for children”.

With the exception of a few boyish girls in the 1920s, it was the seizure of power by youth in the sixties which leads babies to adulthood. With Twiggy or Jane Birkin as muses, the designer Mary Quant, to whom we also owe the miniskirt, imposes it on the feet of these women-children.

Stereotype torn to pieces

Under the influence of the Riot grrrl movement, the stereotype of the ingenuous and dapper young woman is shattered. Female groups like Hole, led by Courtney Love, popularize an aesthetic kinderwhore, made of babies, torn babydolls, little girl hair clips and outrageous makeup. The shoe then slips into the counter-culture, before fashion, whose influence is now colossal, finds the parade and transforms the grunge phenomenon into an allure classy heroine.

The 2000s were an ode to luxury and the high heel. The babies do not cut there and climb a few centimeters to the point of seeing the protagonist of the series Sex and the City completely upset to finally hold a pair in her hands.

From the intensification of fashion weeks to the growing influence of Instagram, the era that opens next is a relentless fashion show. Alternately classic, jazz, pop, grunge, first degree or third degree, the babies walk in the footsteps of an extremely variable geometry of femininity.

Leather platform babies, Musier, € 165.
Babies Kina, patent leather, Carel, € 365.
Tabi pumps, in leather and PVC, Maison Margiela, € 790.
Slingback pumps, in patent leather, Miu Miu, € 690.
Babies Rose in leather verni, Repetto, € 295.
Petra strap sandals, in woven leather, Souliers Martinez, € 525.