Free Lance rediscovers sex appeal with Alfredo Piferi

More daring, more sensuality, more glamor. This is, in essence, the new image desired by Free Lance, the shoe brand founded in 1980 by the brothers Guy and Yvon Rautureau, bought in 2017 by Xavier Marie, and which has just called on the Italian designer, Alfredo Piferi to hope for a new one. destiny.

Alfredo Piferi

The Rome-based London-based designer who started his career at Valentino, continued his work at Versace as an assistant designer for men’s and women’s lines, and most recently as women’s creative direction at Jimmy Choo, should help. to the rebirth of the brand.

“I did not know the brand before meeting Camilla Schiavone, CEO of the Rautureau Group, but I knew that the brand was known in France and Italy, he explains. ), I discovered an extraordinary archive, more than 6000 pairs of perfectly preserved shoes with an incredible design. Models from the 80s to the 2000s, and which inspired most of the luxury brands. It convinced me to go further”.

Accompanied by the former senior designer and visual merchandiser of Jimmy Choo, Alfredo Piferi signs, for his arrival, a total overhaul of the brand, and will seek to forget the positioning “contemporary” of the brand for a more premium and “luxury entry” segment.

The new Free Lance style

A redesign started with the choice of a new logo and a new font with retro 60s accents, and the reintroduction of the emblem dear to the brand at its beginnings: the rose. “A more graphic, less romantic rose which invites a sensual and assertive femininity, still present under the sole of certain models and which is discreetly stitched directly into the leather of a boot or printed on the stiletto”.

“Addressing all women, and particularly the spirit of a modern, free and independent woman”, the new Free Lance also shows all the artistic creativity of Alfredo Piferi through a decidedly more sensual collection, and more sexy, “a pillar forgotten by the brand in recent years, revealed in this collection through the return of the heel, extravagant and sensual, sometimes reminiscent of the thorn of the rose or inspired by the architecture of a Santiago Calatrava” .

Desires for glamor that are reflected both in the Lune ankle boot, a sexy variation of a chelsea boots, through the reissue of the Julie sandal from the 90s which plays with silk straps and an eccentric comma heel, mules and pumps combining red and pink and bride padding or a sensual sandal, Cambre, inspired by the archives and placed on a Diablo heel, the house’s surrealist creation.

Free Lance is reborn with Alfredo Piferi

To the sensual, Free Lance adds a city allure that combines the bourgeois moccasin with new proportions, an oversized heel, and an unprecedented range of colors – vermilion red, powder white and baby blue -, declines the clog in crepe sole, unveils a model of unzippable naplak boot in three parts or a straight boot with a ten centimeter heel and square toe inherited from nineties.

Finally, the “Western” line which had until then monopolized the image of Free Lance in recent years, with the great success of the biker, will continue to exist around the flagship model Thorn, “always made using the Goodyear stitching technique. , softer lines, smaller studs and more sophisticated metalwork, ”explains Alfredo Piferi. Square-toed boots are also making their appearance and the cowboy boot is feminized with a beveled heel and a tapered toe.

Also involved in the restructuring of the design of Free Lance stores – i.e. 15 own stores and 10 corners in department stores – Alfred Piferi will be offering a brand new concept in a few months, “organized around a more chic and elegant design, around cement. gray walls and decorative elements in bright color. “

The new touch of Free Lance

A vegan capsule collection should also be offered this winter, a nod to its own brand Piferi, launched in February 2020, praised by the press and already distributed in around fifteen points of sale around the world, from Harrods to Neiman Marcus in the United States, and On Pedder in Asia.

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