France Relance: 38% of beneficiary VSEs have invested in the creation of a website

Faced with administrative closures of shops and travel limits, the state last year deployed a “France Num Check” intended for very small businesses. While this aspect of the France Relance plan was closed at the end of July, Bercy sheds light on the investments made by the 112,000 beneficiary structures.


Structures which, in 38% of cases, have injected these funds into the creation of websites. They are also 31% to have directed funds towards online advertising, in search of visibility. To a lesser extent, checks have gone to online reservation solutions (7%), customer management software (7%), and cash register management software (6%). Some have also invested in data storage (5%), in stock, order and delivery management systems (3%), online payment (2%) and, unsurprisingly, in market subscriptions. market (1%).

The aid took the form of a check for a lump sum of 500 euros, specifically intended to support businesses in their digitization efforts. In total, nearly 60 million euros have been allocated to companies with fewer than 11 employees. No less than 78% of the beneficiaries were moreover companies with less than two employees. Trade was the third most represented sector (16% of the total), behind catering (22%) and personal services, and ahead of accommodation (13%) and leisure activities (6%).

“The crisis has made it possible to become aware of the need for certain VSEs to take the plunge to be more competitive and perpetuate their activity” welcomes the Minister Delegate for SMEs, Alain Griset, who recalls that other systems in France Relaunch continues. Of the target of 30,000 diagnoses made with TPE by digital advisers, some 20,000 had been carried out at the end of July.

In addition, BPI France continues to offer free support for companies wishing to identify and experiment with digital solutions. And 30 selected groups of operations must support 70,000 structures in this generalized effort to digitize activities, pushed by Bercy since the first confinement.

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