For the Cavalli man, Fausto Puglisi imagines Tuscan and exuberant daredevils, fans of Mike Tyson

Translated by

Paul Kaplan

Published on

Jul 21, 2021

At Cavalli, the first men’s collection imagined by Fausto Puglisi is overflowing with tribal and techno prints, and that’s good. It is Mike Tyson who embodies this vision in the video unveiled Monday evening by the Italian house.

Admittedly, this is no longer the Iron Mike of the 1990s, but a 55-year-old man with a shaved head and a slightly weathered face, who first appears wearing a striped boxing robe, adorned with Cavalli logos. .

“I’m all on fire, I’m on fire,” sings Mike Tyson, then dressed in a flamboyant tiger-silk shirt and matching shorts. Then the former heavyweight world champion suddenly delivers a flurry of punches in a chic sado-maso outfit, made up of chains and nails.

The video collects the archetypes – from high society sado-masochists to late-night urban revelers. As if the pandemic never happened.

Fausto Puglisi’s best ideas? Composite animal print baseball shirts, tops and jackets, which update Cavalli’s DNA by mixing leopard, cheetah, tiger and zebra patterns.

The video, directed by Tommaso Ottomano, with a soundtrack by Bloom, conveys a feeling of energy: the models storm out of the white background, military boots on their feet.

Roberto Cavalli – Spring-Summer 2022 – Photo: Roberto Cavalli – Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli

The Cavalli man is an urban warrior – more than a playboy rocker. He wears a lot of abstract expressionist prints. Rumor has it that Kenzo fired his last artistic director because he did not draw enough tiger prints, yet emblematic of the Parisian house. Well, admirers of the big cat should look no further than at Cavalli, where Fausto Puglisi has designed incredible tiger-print silk shirts, and snakeskin jackets.

The Sicilian designer has also designed a red tabby leather bucket bag, ideal for going on weekends. The collection was accessorized with numerous gilded metal jewelry – shark teeth, claws, eagle talons and accumulations of chains. We found all the patterns and even a few metal teeth in a series of ultra colorful briefs.

At the end of the video, Mike Tyson releases half a dozen doves.

We can talk about Tuscan bling – all this is very true to the spirit of the brand, while being very commercial and very Fausto Puglisi.

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