Focus on the Canaries for the monographic Spain 2022 by Boscolo

First departures in February, with a calendar that offers at least two dates a month throughout the year for each tour proposed thanks to the particularly mild climate even outside the more classic season, which runs from May to September. Boscolo presents the new monograph Spain 2022 with a large selection of proposals including three tours to the Canary Islands, lasting between eight and eleven days, “real immersion in surprise”, as the same defines them in an official note.

“As always, the attentive gaze of Boscolo travel designers guides travelers through enchanting landscapes, millenary archaeological sites, colonial architecture and contemporary sensibilities – continues the document -: without ever losing the thread of the narrative of each of its cultural itineraries, Boscolo tells the islands both from a highly scenic perspective, designated by the presence of volcanoes, as well as from the historical and artistic perspective. Each tour thus alternates moments of emotional impact, such as the sunset on the Teide in Tenerife, the excursion to the Timanfaya national park or the Costa de la Lava with petrified flows that flow into the sea in Lanzarote, visits to historic centers full of beauty and diving among archaeological sites witnessing distant aboriginal cultures, such as that of Cueva Pintada in Gran Canaria ”.

“Stages of great interest – adds the note -, in addition to Unesco heritage of the historic center of San Cristobal de la Laguna and the Jurassic landscape of Risco Caldo, are undoubtedly the essential artistic expressions of Cesar Manrique, cult personality of Lanzarote, who linked to the sensitivity of a multidisciplinary artist the firm will to protect the delicate landscape of the island, enhancing every aspect and preventing its disfigurement. There is no shortage of moments dedicated to relaxation on the beach and to taste, not only thanks to the excellent fish dishes, but also to the local wines, whose ancient flavors mature in the traditional bodegas of this spectacular environment, between the mountains and the ocean “.