Fly Free Airways expands its range of action with the acquisition of Romavia

Fly Free Airways has acquired the Roman airline Romavia: the Turin startup, founded by Francesco D’Alessandro, specialized in business travel management and experiential tourism, takes over 100% of the company, with the maintenance workshop and three Business Jets. Objective: to focus on a new business model of Jet Sharing looking at the world market. Fly Free Airways now aims to increase the fleet by also covering the medium-long haul by presenting a direct and complete offer to its target of entrepreneurs, professionals and millennials and to complete the development of its innovative digital platform for travel booking and route sharing. .

Romavia, based in Rome and founded in 1998, today represents one of the best known and most dynamic companies in the aeronautical sector, with high quality and income standards.

Francesco D’Alessandro

“The transaction concluded is of strategic importance for Fly Free Airways – said Francesco D’Alessandro, CEO of Fly Free Airways – as it allows us to strengthen our presence on international markets, and in particular throughout Europe”. With this operation the group also acquires the maintenance workshop (L.145) based in the hangars of Roma Urbe, the CAMO and the ongoing request of the Coa and strengthens the focus on the high and luxury end of the market.

Fly Free Airways is an aeronautical broker specialized in business travel management, in the organization and management of charter flights around the world and in the leasing of private aircraft. An online platform, manageable from the web or from your mobile phone through a simple App, for booking flights, private or otherwise, for business. An interactive multi-channel platform for real-time sharing, section by section, of all-inclusive on-demand trips also for Hotels, Restaurants, NCC / Taxi, Entertainment and much more.