five ideas to experience thrills


On the Dent de Crolles, in Isère, above Les Gets, in Haute-Savoie, or on the slopes of the Grande Motte glacier, in Savoie, thrills guaranteed!

Sleep with your feet in the air

Spend the night between heaven and earth, glued to the rock face just climbed. This almost Icarian dream is possible thanks to the portaledge. This metal structure stretched with canvas, secured to hooks, is used by specialists in large climbing routes. “At the beginning, it rocks a little, but once lying down, everything calms down, you just have to contemplate the landscape”, notes Guillaume Rodellas, former high level climber. The experience is accessible even to occasional practitioners, accompanied by a guide on the Dent de Crolles (Isère).

On the Vallorcine school route (Haute-Savoie), parents and children can play in an eagle’s nest thirty meters above the ground, facing Mount Oreb. “It’s impressive to see how quickly fears are tamed, you then feel out of time”, loose Fanny Devillaz, instructor. Insomniacs and sleepwalkers refrain.

Climbing and night portaledge, two days and one night, 485 euros per person.
Vertical trip, one night and abseiling the next day, 350 euros for two people.

Playing cat (high) perched

After an immersion at the top of the trees, we sleep in safety, but in height.

“Ask him first if he accepts that we climb on his branches. “ With Frédéric Collin-Lauer, arborist, climber and educator, we don’t mess with trees. His climbing courses in the beeches, firs or spruces of the foothills of the Vosges, near Angomont (Meurthe-et-Moselle), begin with their recognition, learning of their functioning and their resistance. “The overall idea is to go to a living being, to assess its shape and to know if we can afford it or not”, he explains.

Using ropes, it is then a question of moving from branch to branch towards the crown. “Nothing to do with climbing! There, we climb in three dimensions. “ And once at the top? “It’s like the bird on the branch, the view of the forest is completely different, you change your angle. “

24-hour perched immersion, 220 euros per adult.

Dare acrobatic aerobatics

Roller coaster sensations in the sky ...

It is about going flying in the sky, for ten minutes, suspended from a paraglider sail. At the controls of this first aerobatic flight above Les Gets (Haute-Savoie), there will be Antoine Tricou, formerly of the French paragliding team. Take off from Mont Chéry, at 1,826 meters, with a view of Mont-Blanc. On the program, perhaps a « sat », sort of spiral towards the ground, “It’s like a salad spinner”, describes the monitor. Or a “Dynamic stall”, swing movement concluded by a rapid fall in reverse. “Overall, in feeling, it’s a bit like a roller coaster, you crash into the harness”, notes Antoine Tricou. The dreaded nausea ultimately remains rare.

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