Five Easy Summer Hairstyles – Fashionisima

Literally, you spend an eternity searching for a hairstyle and then ruining it with sweat, oppressive heat, and humidity. Since you want to remain beautiful this summer, without wasting time on a hairstyle that goes flat 10 minutes later, it is essential to find a look that works with summer heat, not against him.

Then I have found 5 easy hairstyles that will last all day, even when the temperature rises. Take a screenshot of these easy summer hairstyles and keep them in mind the next time the temperature rises and you are about to get all your hair cut.

Summer hairstyle with a chic bun

You want keep your hair out of the neck, but don’t want to pick it up in a messy bun? Go for a super pretty bun for an easy summer hairstyle. To keep loose hair at bay, use a non-flaking gel that allows you to set hair and leave it shiny.

Summer hairstyle with beachy waves

Opt for the beach waves for a slightly messy look, like you woke up this summer. Use a curling iron to get the waves, then spritz on some sea salt spray and twist your hair to give it more volume.

Bantu knot summer hairstyle

The bantu knots Not only are they very pretty, but they’re a low-commitment protective hairstyle that will keep your natural hair protected from the elements. Don’t forget to grab a non-sneaky edge control to place your edges.

Summer hairstyle with face-framing braids

This is a super easy summer hairstyle What you can do in less than 10 minutes: Put some texturizing spray on your hair, scrunch it and braid the two front parts of your hair to get a nice and tousled look.

Summer Space Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for when you can’t deal with your hair. You’ll need a lot of texture, so do it between washes, pin it down, and spray on a flexible hold hairspray.