Euphemia launches the figure of Specialists

Ezio Barroero

Bologna, Mestre, Milan and Turin: over the last few days Euphemia has organized 4 appointments dedicated to its 130 Personal voyagers to present the ongoing initiatives aimed at supporting sales in the medium / long term.

A special occasion also to draw up the balance of the start of the season: «The first months of the year started slowly – he declares Ezio Barroero, president of the Lab Travel Group – but in the last 5/6 weeks there has been a clear recovery and today we stand as sales equal to the levels of 2019. We hope to keep the trend and we hope the opening of protected corridors in the long haul for this winter. The demand for professionalism and specialization has increased: customers want to leave and ask for safety and tranquility ».

In line with market trends, Euphemia has created the Specialist, a pool of 45 experienced agents, recruited from the same Personal voyagers, who share their skills with all the other members of the network acquired over years of experience in the field. Specialists take care of out of the ordinary destinations, such as Greenland and Antarctica, or particular types of travel, such as i groupage, study stays with families and incoming in the region of residence. Through the Specialists, the travel consultant Euphemia can access a transversal wealth of know-how and have the necessary tools to successfully face the evolution that will affect the tourism sector.

The 4 events were also an opportunity to present i 30 new Personal voyagers who joined Euphemia in the last 6 months and to promote a proactive dialogue with the marketing and commercial departments, also in light of the agreements reached with the main tour operators on the market. Among the most debated topics, the management of vouchers, insurance, expectations related to the opening of tourist destinations and business travel.

“Our personal voyagers,” he concludes Barroero – have a back-office of over 30 employees available for the management of practices and administrative and legal aspects but, above all, they can count on maximum autonomy and professional freedom. We do not direct the sale: we leave the consultant free to express himself to the best of his potential, giving him all the necessary tools to do so ».