empty travel agencies. Summer in deep red

Assoviaggi raises the alarm on travel agencies. Full beaches, empty travel agencies. For adv and tour operators there is no rebound in August: the summer resumption of accommodation, led by Italian vacationers, has not extended to organized tourism, which continues to suffer as last year, with turnover down by 80 % compared to the pre-Covid summer of 2019.

A deep red summer that risks turning into a black autumn: an unprecedented crisis that has lasted for 18 months and that could leave over 40% of the sector’s employees permanently out of work in the coming weeks, for a total of over 37 thousand people between entrepreneurs and employees.

To weigh on organized tourism, the total stop of non-EU travel established by the government. But the movement of the European market was also blocked, both in outgoing and incoming, ditched by the often unclear entry rules of the individual states and by the media confusion created by the new Green Pass modes – introduced in the middle of the season. No positive effects even from domestic demand, now completely disintermediated by international booking portals.

“We talk about Whirlpool and Alitalia, but we ignore companies and workers at risk in the sector, which are also five times higher in number”, he comments Gianni Rebecchi, national president of Assoviaggi Confesercenti.

“Without swift action, closures and layoffs will begin. We ask for the opening of the state of crisis in the sector and an urgent meeting with the Government, also involving the trade unions, to develop a targeted plan to save the sector: new direct support is needed for companies – the last ones were allocated by the previous executive – but also an extension of the tax credit on rents up to the first half of 2022, facilitations on investments in technology and training and “reformed” Social shock absorbers – not the exemption fund as formulated – for those employed in the sector, or it will be an employment and business tragedy ”.