DiscoverTeglio, a new website and an app to “rediscover the lost identity”

Were presented on new Teglio online website and the respective “DiscoverTeglio” App, both realized as part of the communication project “Finding the lost identity” promoted by
municipality of Teglio with the collaboration of the Media Valtellina Tourist Consortium. An app and a site that aim to improve the positioning and recognition of the territory of Teglio in the tourist accommodation landscape of Valtellina, creating a real identity of the locality, which enhances its historical, cultural, artistic, food and wine heritage and naturalistic.

After a long restyling work, the online portal of Teglio is now able to propose a language of images and videos to accompany the visitor on an evocative and real journey among the many beauties of the territory, just as if he were there himself. The fresh and innovative graphic design, the choice of colors and textual language make this portal a real place capable, not only of providing timely information, but also of guaranteeing simple and intuitive navigation and making the user experience a enjoyable browsing experience that will never tire of consulting.

Furthermore, in response to the trends of the tourism market in recent years that tell of the expansion
of a type of slow, experiential tourism, attentive to people and responsible towards the environment, is the dedicated App “DiscoverTeglio” was created: an easy and immediate tool to be able to appreciate firsthand the beauties of the territory, rich in culture, tradition and nature, in complete tranquility and autonomy. Thanks to GPS detection, the application gives the possibility to walk without a precise destination with the serenity of always having a reference point, or to follow the recommended and thematic routes to learn about the art, culinary traditions and history of the territory . Each user can save their own virtual travelogue, and insert impressions, photos and additional information of the
places you have visited, which you can later decide to share with your friends.

“The pandemic has undoubtedly brought about a radical change in the values ​​of the consumer, who is now increasingly looking for a unique and personal experience, linked to the concepts of environmental sustainability, psycho-physical well-being, slow and personalized rhythm – comments on Mayor Moretti – The evident and growing interest in small destinations where the lifestyle is still authentic and tied to traditions, and the relationship with nature in perfect harmony and balance, has led us to take the decision to design the new digital platform and the dedicated App, to create a new means of communication that promotes the town of Teglio as a destination where it is possible to experience all kinds of experiences (cultural, green or food and wine) and rediscover the most authentic Media Valtellina ».