Didier Deschamps, Karim Benzema and Antoine Griezmann at Clairefontaine, it may be detail for you …

Laugh bar

But what are they kidding? A new cut from Paul Pogba? From an Olivier Giroud sprint? Or the prospect of tackling a big competition together? For a few days, the France team has been meeting in Clairefontaine to prepare for the Euro and, judging by this photo of Didier Deschamps, Karim Benzema and Antoine Griezmann, everything is going well, very well even. So much so that some wonder if these Blues, too beautiful, too confident, do not go to the front of a great disappointment … Here perhaps, basically,
which makes them laugh.

Notch fly

Six years after his last match in blue, in October 2015 against Armenia in Nice, Karim Benzema is back in the selection and it’s as if nothing had changed, really nothing, down to the smallest details. Thus, the Real Madrid striker still has on his head these two funny notches traced with the clipper. Why ? For who ? In the absence of an explanation from the person concerned, we will content ourselves with recalling that this hair gimmick was invented in the 1980s by the American rapper Big Daddy Kane, who sometimes displayed up to eight notches.

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Stubborn mop

He changed in six years. In 2015, Antoine Griezmann was well combed, parted on the side, supple and luminous hair. Here he is now at the head of an impressive hair company requiring the use of heavy equipment including elastic jumble, headband and styling paste with “shower” effect … On this subject, let us remember that the Argentinian coach Daniel Passarella decided, in 1998, not to retain any long-haired player for the World Cup, because, he said, “Their hairstyle distracts them”.

Chrono master

Perfectly sober from a hair point of view, Didier Deschamps wears a sacred piece on the wrist. A connected watch kindly offered by Hublot, sponsor of the Euro. According to the manufacturer’s brochure, this new model called Big Bang E, worth 5,100 euros and waterproof to 30 meters, is equipped with a touch screen, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. It allows you to take calls and follow the matches with a timing of half-time and extra time by consulting information on the profile of the players. Bluffing? Judging by the stopwatch, Didier Deschamps has a doubt.

Love wrist

Since we are talking about Didier Deschamps’ jewelry, finally note the presence, on his right wrist, of a metal bracelet. After having worn a black titanium bracelet and three diamonds from the French brand Messika for a long time, the breeder indeed seems to have switched to the absolute Cartier classic, designed in 1969 by the Italian Aldo Cipullo, the Love bracelet. Does this mean that Deschamps is just love at the moment? Karim Benzema will probably not say the opposite.