“Continue supporting businesses”

Prime Minister Mario Draghi

«Much has been achieved in recent months. The commitment of the Government and the Minister Garavaglia was fundamental to rebuild the confidence of the operators, but the continuing difficulties still require targeted interventions to support the sector while waiting for the tourism economy in Italy to find its balance by returning to open up to international flows “.

So in a letter to Prime Minister Draghi and to Ministers Franco and Garavaglia, Maria Carmela Colaiacovo President of the Italian Association of Hotels Confindustria.

“In these days we are witnessing the discussion on the 2022 maneuver, but it seems that the issue of aid has gone off the radar. A large part of the Italian economy is recovering, but for the hotel world, the one most traditionally suited to international tourism, the situation remains difficult.

In the face of 220 million foreign visitors in 2019, to date Italy has registered just over 15 million and the prospects for the next few months, with the persistence of travel restrictions, are certainly not better. The cities of art continue to suffer from the lack of foreign demand and the cumulative figure relating to the Occupation Rate of Rome for example, according to the data of our Observatory, records a – 63.6% compared to the period January / September 2019. It is clearly unthinkable to be able to count on a substitution effect on the part of internal tourism »writes Maria Carmela Colaiacovo.

“More than 16 months of almost total stoppage of the activity with decreases in turnover in many cases even higher than 80% and a situation of objective difficulty for many companies in the sector have triggered a large recourse to credit (+ 45.6% compared to + 34.5% of other sectors according to the analysis of the Confindustria Study Center) ».

«In the letter sent to Draghi – continues the president of Aica – aWe expressed the need to foresee support measures for the next few months that allow companies to achieve overcoming the crisis and avoid a block on investments in the immediate future with the consequent loss of competitiveness of the Italian tourist offer.

To date, the extension of the rental bonus – stopped last July – and the exemption of the 2nd Imu installment for those who have suffered significant losses, continue to be necessary. Just as it would be important to be able to count on further measures to support the sustainability of debt, such as the extension of the moratorium on mortgages, expiring on 31 December, and the extension of the duration of the loans guaranteed by the State.

Among the unresolved issues – concludes the president – that of State Aid which, in a crisis of such a long period, is affecting the possibility for many companies of large, medium and small size, to benefit from the aid already provided as well as the resources themselves. from the PNRR, and large companies that have been excluded from many of the interventions and that in any case find themselves going through a complex situation ».