Baglio Occhipinti, from 6 to 13 November a week of relaxation and yoga in Val di Noto

From 6 to 13 November a week of yoga, in a still hot and fragrant season for Sicily, in a place rethought starting from being and well-being as the Baglio Occhipinti of Vittoria (RG), in the Val di Notor – just joined les Collectionneurs, a prestigious chain of restaurateurs, hoteliers and travelers headed by Alain Ducasse.

In a crossroads of coordinates that identifies the melting point between personal regeneration, respect for the territory and architecture and adherence to the times of the seasons, the daily yoga practice will take place from Saturday 6 to Saturday 13 November 2021, both indoors and outdoors, combining with meditations, nature walks, baths, plant collections, a circle of words and moments of idleness. To accompany this week of pleasure and relaxation, a cheerful all-female ballet: Fausta, architect and owner, Mrs Gina, talented cook, Amélie and Margaux, certified teachers, and, of course, the other women invited to share their knowledge during the week.

The program includes a succession of magical days, open by energizing and dynamic morning practices – even on the beach and among the olive trees – and closed by the gentle flows of late afternoon. In the middle and as a side dish, unforgettable strictly organic meals, walks, massages, herb picking and restorative idleness by the pool. During the day, fresh citrus juices, almond milk and herbal teas from garden products will be served.

To this immersion inside your own being and in the heart of Sicilian nature, optional experiences are added as the visit with tasting at Arianna Occhipinti’s estate, the escape to Punta Secca, the bread-making course with mother yeast and ancient grains of the island, the chic picnic with a visit to the oil mill and tasting of the new oil from the Iblei mountains, singing under the centenary trees to vibrate, find balance and melt your voice.

All meals and yoga practices offered are included in the rate of 1400 euros per person.