Arcadia, Peloponnese, offers itself with its hidden peculiarities

Kiriaky Bulasidou

L’ Organization for the promotion of Greek tourism continues to amaze with alternative proposals to what has so far been a cliché for most people: Athens, the sea of ​​islands, or “Meteora” the area of ​​monasteries.
«We have many hidden pearls and we are enhancing them one by one. An area that is gaining more and more value at an international level – explains Kiriakys Boulasidou, head of the Greek tourism organization in Italy – is the Peloponnese, the peninsular region east of the capital. It is already important for domestic tourism, but we would also like to give it international attention. And inside the Peloponnese, Arcadia, an ancient, wild land, yet to be discovered, with a very wide offer and a seasonality that covers the whole year, is a jewel to be known ».

Under the hashtag “hiking the” #GreekMountains, is the enhancement of the Greek mountains, on the institutional website But also locally there is excitement, to give a body to the offer under the payoff “Peloponnese Challenge”, the challenge of coalitioned local entrepreneurs, who try to create a system to bring a new, more complete Greece to the forefront of international tourism.

Kostantinos Marinakos

“We created the”Tourist Association of the Peloponnese“- explains Kostantinos Marinakos, president – which brings together 25 other local associations for a total of about 3,500 entities that each participate with their own tourist products in the” challenge “, to organize and homogenize the offer and make it attractive to a wider market, abroad, which goes beyond just the domestic market which already knows our realities well ».

The global offer is remarkable: access is easy, with the possibility of landing in Athens, well connected also from Italy, reachable with a transfer of about 170 km, to get to the heart of the region, or to Kalamata the other hub. less than an hour’s drive from Tripoli or Vytina. Then the offer is able to cover a wide range of proposals to satisfy the needs of travelers in every season.
The hospitality is also of an excellent standard, as are the activities that range in every field: trekking, hiking, rafting, horse riding, cycling, for lovers of mountain movement, sailing and diving on the coast, and then a series of related activities to food and wine which is of considerable importance here. Taverns and restaurants capable of enchanting with a simple but interesting cuisine and a wine offer

“The typicality of this area is linked to the presence of a powerful nature – continues Boulasidou – a surprising hospitality, of a level with boutique hotels and even smaller structures such as apartments and hotels with few rooms and well cared for, a gastronomic offer in taverns characteristics that enhances the local productions with a viticulture that produces wines of high lineage from whites to rosés to reds ».

One of the most remarkable activities in the area is a very special trek that winds its way through the mountains for over 70 km. “The Menelon trial was born from an idea of ​​a very far-sighted person, Janis Lagos – concludes Kiriakys Boulasidou – who started designing trekking paths that can highlight the beauties of the territory, completing them with signs and giving an organic nature to outdoor activities”.