apps, podcasts and books to go green this summer


The summer period can be an opportunity to go green, both literally and figuratively. At home, or at your holiday resort, you open a book, listen to a podcast or look at an app on your smartphone to update your knowledge of ecology, find initiatives that make good for the planet or put into practice eco-responsible actions.

The French are now 62% to take into account the environmental impact in their choice of consumption (study ObSoCo & Citeo 2021). Sorting your waste, avoiding wasting food or even favoring seasonal products are among the top three eco-responsible approaches most adopted in France (INC, 2020). Creating objects with old clothes or fabrics and avoiding travel by car are considered more difficult steps to implement on a daily basis. We have selected ten actions, and for each one chosen an app, a book or a podcast, to accompany you in this green quest.

1. Reduce your meat consumption

Reduce or eradicate animal products from your diet? To be guided in your transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet in four weeks, the Quit Meat app offers a personalized plan based on the initial frequency of their consumption of meat or fish (rarely to fourteen times a week), as well as their attachment to a particular product.

Assuming that we consume meat once a day and that non-vegan cookies are difficult to eliminate, she recommends slowing down from the first week by keeping, however, three portions of meat and four of fish weekly, without any other restriction.

We reach our goal gently while visualizing its performance, after having recorded each day the products consumed and their quantity. In three weeks of veganism, for example, we reduced our carbon footprint by 47 kg of CO2 and saved 25 m3 of water. It is also, graphs to the key, at least 0.25% of a cow and 1.68 chicken spared.

Free app on iOS and Android.

2. Cooking without waste

Nothing beats a balanced and reasoned consumption.

“The astonishment, sometimes, is in the simplest things”, according to the starred chef Alain Ducasse, cited in Zero waste kitchen, work of “Gourmet recipes without waste” prepared by Belgian chefs Madeline Escafit and Laura Perahia. The astonishing dishes concocted by this duo, follower of zero waste cuisine, as refined as they are simple to prepare, have in common that they use all, or almost all, of the foods they require.

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